Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't Kill A Seal!

In 1942, in retaliation for the murder of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi forces killed over 1800 Czechs in reprisal. The people directly responsible were taken by force from a church basement, lined up against this wall......

....and executed. But yet, hunting seals.....very bad.

The first museum I visited in Prague was the Torture Museum. Many rather gruesome devices for torture and mutilation were on display. This innocent-looking saw was one of my favorites.

And here's a lovely visual on how it was used. How many people met their end in this manner, I wonder?

But yet, its wrong to kill seals.

Some Europeans have no qualms about force feeding ducks and geese for profit.

But Europeans say it's horrible our Governor-General ate a piece of seal.

Eating seals? Very wrong.

When I was in high school, some genius in Toronto came up with the idea of dumping their city's garbage in an old open-pit mine near Marmora, Ontario. This would have had a serious impact on the watersheds of both the Moira River and the lower Trent River. Thankfully, saner heads prevailed.

I guess it's always easier to dump your garbage elsewhere, in someone else's backyard, rather than dealing with your own problems first.


Nancy said...

Darcy, you do realize they don't practice those torture methods any more, right?

Society is always changing. Back then they didn't care about humans or animals. Gradually, with time, people starting caring more about other humans, and now, are caring more about animals too.

You're right that there are inconsistencies in the care given to animals, the cuter ones are cared for more. But it's also true that northerners are as much media suckers as those who are opposed to the seal hunt, as they remain oblivious to the fact that most of those opposed to the seal hunt are also against the bad treatment of other animals (many are vegetarian, for example.) Northerners are as dense as any other group of people.

The fact is, if people don't want to buy seal products, for whatever reason, guess what? They don't have to! If people don't want your product, and you can't convince them to buy it, then unfair as it is, you find another product to sell. That's the way of the world, always has been, always will be.

By all means, keep trying to convince people to buy seal products, but if they don't want to, don't hate them for it, it's their business and their decision.

Way Way Up said...

My post was to point out the hypocrisy on the part of some European legislators. I just don't see how a German MEP can rail against the seal hunt given that country's history. True, all societies changes over time. However, why change for the sake of change? Seal hunting has proven to be a viable and sustainable practice for Inuit for centuries. If it works (and this most certainly does) keep it, I say. Also, I would challenge anyone to name one single species that has been hunted to extinction by Inuit.

I would suggest that agricultural practices are pretty harmful to the environment as well. The EU sets sugar prices in Africa such that small farmers gain no benefit from their labour. Therefore, they must cut down rain forest to plant small fields in order to grow food for their families. Europeans then turn around and gripe about how this is destroying the environment while oblivious to how their own actions are a contributing factor.

If Europeans don't want to buy seal products than I suppose that is their choice. However, their ban will have an effect on the Northern economy here. Any exemptions, however well intentioned, will change that. But then, they don't live here, so why should they care?

I really wish the next time a European tourist stares up at the majesty of Auyuittuq National Park, that they give some thought to the people here as well and not just the snow-capped mountains they see through their camera lens. They need to understand how nature works - when you eat, be it animal or plant, something dies.

As for the barbaric torture practices of the past, you would be amazed at how some people advocate for the sterilization of the Roma in the Czech Republic for example. Indeed, many women have entered hospital for surgical procedures only to find out later they had also been surgically sterilized. Seems pretty barbaric to me. The CBC did a story on this not all that long ago. It's quite shocking to me that even educated Czechs have no qualms about this.

Anonymous said...

and have you found a new job yet??


Way Way Up said...

I'm still on the look out WL. Although if NTI wants to hire me to help combat the nutty tree huggers, I jump in with both feet.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, there is a great difference between choosing not to buy something and something being banned and not available for sale. True you have to move with the times but is banning something moving with the times or adjusting time for your own gain at the expense of others. Humans are carnivores by nature should we stop eating? Or only eat animals raised in captivity for slaughter?


-by the way I enjoy reading the blog and wish you best of luck in the job hunt.

Matthew and Michele said...


Part of the problem is the European Union is taking the choice away from people. There was a viable and sustainable market in the European markets before the ban. By your own words let the people decide to purchase the product or not.

Special interest groups that rely on misinformation to prove their point and line their pockets should not be controlling or developing policy for the European Union.

Bryan and Vikki said...

Most people are not aware of the cruetly inflected on animals kept for human consumption. When a hunter kills the wild animal the death is instant if done right. People in cities consume so many terribly treated animals. Spent egg laying chickens are often killed by being tossed alive into dumpsters or wood chippers, or sucked into vacuum trucks. This is unforgiveable. But the whole world can not and should not turn vegetarian. The fertilizers used to grow all those plants are killing the rivers and oceans. People are carnivors and hunters and plant harvestors. A balanced diet. The Europeans have no right to ban seal products just because of pictures of killed seals. Everyday we see wild animals killing other is life. People should not evolve into something unsustainable.

The Perfect Storm said...

If this blog post doesn't end up in the finals for best of the year in the next Nunnies (sp?) there is seriously something amiss. Well done from Mississauga.