Monday, April 20, 2009

Nunavut Quest 2009 - Part 1

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, this afternoon saw the start of Nunavut Quest 2009, traveling from here to Pond Inlet. I believe there are 15 teams (with between 8 to 12 dogs per team) participating in this year's run. I took quite a number of pictures so I decided to do up a couple posts. Clare and Kendra (both of whom possess photographic abilities that far surpass my own) will also make mention of the event on their respective blogs too I'm sure as I saw them down on the ice this afternoon.

Some of the teams.

The racers have a staggered start with about 2-3 minutes separation between teams. They are preceded by a support party of skidoos which will set up the camps along the way. Here the support teams set out, accompanied by a big cheer from the spectators.

I just thought this was a bit of a funny picture - dogs pulling a qamutiq AND a skidoo.

The crowds out on the ice...with the town making a graceful appearance in the background.

....and as long-time readers of my blog will know, King George just HAD to sneak in there somehow.


That is the chicken said...

Fascinating pictures! I like all those dogs...they look like superstar athletes watching you disdainfully!

Bryan and Vikki said...

Thanks for letting us feel like we were there.

Way Way Up said...

This is the Chicken - they are indeed great athletes and sure put me to shame.

Bryan and Vikki - glad you enjoyed it! It was a fantastic day!