Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nunavut Quest 2009

Today marks the kick off of Nunavut Quest. Think of it as Nunavut's version of the Iditarod. Each year I have been in Arctic Bay, the community has been involved with the race in some fashion, either as the start or finish of the race. This year's race will see the teams (not sure how many are involved this year) start here, head down Admiralty Inlet and then cut across the Borden Peninsula to Milne Inlet and Pond Inlet before finishing in the community of Pond Inlet. I caught a quick glimpse of the race course on a map over at the Hamlet Office early this week. I believe the teams will make for camping stops along the way. As far as I know, last year's winner, our current mayor, will be competing again this year. I will try to post updates as the race progresses and I learn more information. Below are a couple quick pictures of the teams and spectators gathering on the ice around an hour ago.

UPDATE - I neglected to mention that while pre-race festivities kick off today, the actual race will commence on Monday, April 20. Classes at the school will be dismissed early so students can watch the start of the race. Stay tuned for more (and hopefully better) pictures.