Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interview Season

It's gotten a tad busier the past 24-48 hours with the official start of job interview season. I started sending out resumes a couple weeks ago and had my first interview yesterday evening. It went pretty well. I was generally pleased with it. I haven't had much practice with interviews lately having been teaching here 4 for years - perhaps 3 interviews in the past 4-5 years so getting some practice is always welcome. I know well that you can have a solid resume but blow it all during the interview. I'll hear back on the results within the next 48 hours and while I don't see myself going to this particular community, the interview was still a good start to whole job searching process. I have another interview set up Friday afternoon and I'm waiting to hear back from a few more places of interest. So far, my plan is working well: Get as many interviews as possible to build up confidence for the positions I really want to go after. My goal is to remain in the North. It's early in the hiring process for school boards. There are plenty of positions out there and plenty of time. It's a stressful time but also an exhilarating time as I ponder all the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

You do know tht there is life below the Artic Circle? And believe it or not, they need teachers too!

As an FYI you now have two nephews who are playing AAA hockey.

Didn't have your email, so I didn't kno how else to track you down.


Alex said...

Staying in Nunavut as well? Or looking all over?

Way Way Up said...

Anywhere and everywhere!