Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hungarian Highlights - Part 18 (Szesceny)

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The drive through the hills of northern Hungary was very scenic, though at one point I was convinced the bus was going to cross over into Slovakia (not that I would have minded.) At any rate, once I arrived in Szesceny, I pretty much had the main tourist attractions (a mansion and a monastery) to myself. The hotel room left a little to be desired but since it was a) a 2-minute walk from the mansion and b) the only hotel in town I could find, I couldn't complain.

Franciscan Church and Monastery, dating mostly from the 17th century.

Monastery Church

Inside the monastery church.

My hotel.

No crowds - perfect.

One of the manor's outbuildings. At one time, it functioned as the servants' quarters. I'm not sure what purpose it serves now though there was a pretty nice restaurant on the basement level.

The Forgach Manor, dating from about 1760, made for a great afternoon of exploring and gawking.

"The Leaning Tower of Szesceny" aka the town's old fire watch tower. It was built sometime in the 1800's if I recall correctly. Anyhow, if you take a close look at it, you might should be able to notice a slight lean to the tower as a result of ground subsidence and Allied bombing damage in 1944.