Friday, March 13, 2009

Words of Wisdom from St. Paul

I found these gems on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's FaceBook page. Essentially it was a loooong, delusional rant brimming with pseudo-intellectualism. The prose was a bit dense but I sharpened up my ulu and hacked my way through.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does not exist to serve the interests of any group of people. We are not a people organization.

But you will gladly support your pocket books, right? Seriously though, if you're not a "people organization", seek help. There are professionals that deal with those specific issues.

With little resources, we take on the vast war chests of those who profit from destroying our oceans and our planet. They have the money to assault us with PR lackeys who are paid to disseminate lies and they have power to turn the media and politicians against us.

What? Little resources?! Care to open your books and PROVE it? So why is it that your website was advertising credit cards last time I checked it? Sucks to feel persecuted, huh Paul? Well, I guess you know now Inuit feel about YOU GUYS now. Actually, come to think about it, you stated yourself that you are not "people" people. So, logically, this includes yourself. So why the persecution complex if, to take follow your thinking to its logical conclusion, you hate yourself too?

When we took on the illegal slaughter of whales by the Makah Tribe in 1998 we did so in the face of criticism from other groups who felt that the Makah should be allowed to kill whales despite the law simply because they were Native American.

Well, gee, since you told them, "Just because you were born stupid doesn't mean you have to act that way," I can't imagine why anyone would be angry at you.

I should have died in June 1975. A dying harpooned Sperm whale spared my life. I looked into his great solitary intelligent eye and what I saw there changed my entire perception of reality.

What kind of loony psycho babble is this? A whale saved your life so you were somehow destined for greatness?? Cute. Actually I recall Hitler pulled the same stunt when he claimed he heard a voice telling him to vacate a shell hole just moments before an Allied shell obliterated a group of his comrades. And well, we ALL know the great things HE went on to accomplish.

Some may think we can be destroyed, as history has shown over and over again with the assassinations of so many who had the potential to change the world for good. I say this because I have received warning that there is an assassination order put out on myself.

Yes Paul! Just like Saul of Damascus walking that long lonely road so many centuries ago, you too are destined for greatness. You know, for someone who claims to be anti-people you sure have an inflated idea of human potential....particularly your own.

And as history has also demonstrated, there is no stopping the forces intent upon killing new ideas, just as there is no stopping new ideas. What will be, will be - it is as simple as that.

Killing a person does not kill the idea. If anything it strengthens the idea and gives it life. All people are mortal but ideas can be immortal.

Ah, but just because ideas challenge orthodoxy does not mean they are GOOD ideas. Um.....communism anyone? Hey I know, I know. But it did look good on paper. Are you inviting martyrdom or something here Paul? You know I really worry about you. I need you Paul. (You bring visitors to my blog after all.)

When there is no longer a use for Sea Shepherd then it will die naturally and as it should.

Holy seal skins! We actually do agree on something! Whoa! Well, I'm with you on this one. Oh that that day comes quickly!