Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teacher Retention In Nunavut Revisited

This is the time of year when things get busy with staffing - teachers make decisions about whether they will remain or not and postings for vacant positions begin to appear. A little over a year ago I wrote a post on the issue of teacher retention in Nunavut. I've found over the past year that this is among my most viewed posts on this blog with prospective teachers contacting me after happening upon this entry. I thought I would link back to the original post and provide a small update in the hopes that interested teachers will find it useful.

Regarding what I wrote back then in terms of "Do's" and "Don't's" and how to make the most of your experience I can't really think of anything new to add. I thought about doing up something along the lines of a section of "Frequently Asked Questions" but since for many people that could be a very long list and I don't want to bore anyone with reams of information its probably best to send me off an email. That way, anything I'm not sure about I can get back to you on. I would also encourage you to visit any of the Nunavut (or other fine Northern blogs) on my sidebar. Some are written by other teachers in a better position than I to comment on certain communities.

So what's the update? As part of its push to fill more teaching positions with Inuit, Nunavut Arctic College in cooperation with the University of Regina will see its first graduating class of NTEP (Northern Teacher Education Program) students here in Arctic Bay this spring. The program has been offered here in Arctic Bay and will be run in other small communities in the future. I believe there will be 6 graduates this spring. Most of them I suspect will apply for teaching positions here at our school though they can of course apply to schools in other communities. So we will have new faces on staff here in the fall.

As for my own future, I haven't made any firm commitments though I have to say that after 4 years I'm feeling a little settled and I'm definitely not looking forward to the prospect of moving all my junk any time soon. And not to jinx myself since it may just be wishful thinking on my part but I can now confirm that after a few days pondering it over, I did decide to submit a resume for the principal position at my school here. So you never know.


The Seven Settlements Kayak Expedition said...

Sounds familiar. April is our interesting month when the application date for new teachers closes and we learn who is staying or leaving.


Megan said...

Good luck!

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Megan!