Monday, March 16, 2009

Seriously, What Are These People Smoking?

The title pretty much summed up my thoughts when I read this news item. Originally it was Clare that brought this to my attention. (Sorry Clare, at this time I can't confirm or deny having ever worked for Halifax Transit.) Honest to god, the people in this story must suffer from a severe case of cranial-rectal inversion -- and I'm not talking about Halifax bus drivers, but the idiot protesters, specifically their reaction to it all.

Bridget Curran feels her group "felt intimidated and threatened." Well big boo hoo. Protesters such as yourself do the exact same thing. What's a matter? You hold the same beliefs as groups that advocate and justify violent means of protest. Or is that only okay in situations where YOU aren't the target?? Hypocrite!

By not pressing charges, Curran said people could perceive that it's permissible to charge at demonstrators if they don't like their message.

But hey Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society charge and ram ships and that's OK. Now I'm not advocating violence in any way here but excuse me if I roll my eyes a little at Curran's self-righteous, "holier than thou" mindset.


Matthew and Michele said...

I agree with your opinion and really enjoy your rants against the idiot we know as Paul Watson.

But the guy shouldn't have jumped out of the bus he was operating to go whack on a stuffed seal.

I am trying to get a photo from my counter part on our trip to Pond Inlet and Clyde River for a funny Paul Watson post. Need the photo to do it though.

Stay tuned.


Megan said...

Clare beat me to it! I was poking around trying to find your e-mail address this afternoon, because I knew you would love this.

Natalie said...

Just read some very sad follow up to this story,

Way Way Up said...

Very unfortunate indeed.