Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Wow! Another Protest.... zzzzz

Apparently, today is the "International Day of Action Against Seal Hunting". Well, sound the trumpets!! What? You didn't know?

This is the day you dress up like a "bloody idiot"** and make a fool of yourself.

Protests in Calgary, Detroit, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver among other places. How nice to live in such temperate climes where you can remain divorced from and ignorant of, the natural world. Some of these groups of course want you to boycott Canadian fish products. To which I say, too damned bad. We don't get fancy soy burgers in the stores up here like you might in suburban Vancouver or L.A.. (Or at least not very easily. And then, if we did, they'd costs you an arm and a leg.) So, this is my food.......

If you don't like it.... well, tough.

** Seriously, protest sites I've seen encourage participants in Windsor, Ontario to "wear red and bring signs/posters."


Megan said...

Wear red? Why have I been protesting naked???

Way Way Up said...

LOL.....well I have worn shorts in Windsor during the month of February so I suppose shucking down to your bathing suit wouldn't be too much of a stretch.