Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Heart-Warming E-mail

Well I had my big WOO-HOO moment last night - a piece of good news that, as a teacher, makes you pump your fist and shout "YES!". I had a nice little note from a former student of mine that I taught a few years back. South Indian Lake, Manitoba was a rough place and those that know me know that I had a rough year there. It was frustrating in part because I had some bright students in my grade 6 class but the social milieu of the place was, well, just not healthy let's say. Anyhow, a former student sent me a nice little note to let me know that she graduated school and is now pursuing a B.A. at Brandon University. I'm very happy for her, needless to say. I always remember her as friendly, outgoing, creative and articulate. (I'm certain her mathematical skills have far surpassed mine by now!) And not only that, but she plans to go to teachers college after that!

Awesome, awesome, awesome Nicole! I'm sooo proud of you!!


Jason said...

Aww....that's awesome! Congrats. You DO make a difference on this planet.