Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Get Your Hopes Up Mr. and Mrs. Goat

A few summers ago, my stepfather picks me up at the train station in Belleville, Ontario for the 30 minute drive to their house in Campbellford. My stepfather has to see a client along the way and mentions that we'll have to take a short detour. No problem. Since he is graciously chauffeuring me and its his vehicle, its not like I can refuse or anything. So here we are driving along some side road through the rolling countryside. I think we were somewhere near Marmora. Anyhow, as we are going down the road I notice a big old car in the distance up ahead of us. One of those big old rural clunkers. As we get closer to it, there seems to be a bit of activity going on in the back seat. I don't say anything to my step father, though I'm pretty sure he notices it too. A few minutes later, my step father starts laughing and asks,"Is that a GOAT?"

Initially I though a couple kids were fooling around but it did look like a goat-like critter to me. "It looks a bit like a goat, but I can't really tell for sure," I reply.

A few minutes later, the old clunker stops at a 4-way stop and we pull in behind it. Suddenly, as if on cue, one of the critters stops bouncing around and slowly turns its head to face us. Two seconds later, the critter's companion also stops, turns and stares back at us. (It really was a comical effect but I suppose you had to be there.) Holy goat droppings, it is a goat! Actually not just one goat - two goats. Here we are driving down the road and some country hick is taking two goats for a ride in the back seat of his car. And it's not like they are wearing seat belts. Those things were hopping/bouncing all over the place back there! But at least they were riding in high style compared to how I see more farm animals transported. Yup, welcome to southern Ontario in June.

Well, needless to say, we both burst out laughing at these stupid-looking goats staring back at us. By now, we are both curious about the driver, his mental state, and just where exactly he is taking these two freaky-looking things. We didn't have to wait long for an answer. The old clunker continues on after the stop sign and barely a couple hundred yards past the intersection slows slightly and indicates it is about to make a right-hand turn. I turn to see where the car is turning in to. I see a barn and a sign.

The word on the sign?? -- ABATTOIR

Dang! Talk about getting the goats' hopes up!.....and some people think Inuit are cruel to animals!


lindsay Niedzielski said...

Thanks for the info on my blog Darcy, glad someone takes the time to get all the information (was kicking myself when I got home and realized I didn't know the name of it!)

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Lindsay. Heh...I still make mistakes but I like to thing I get it right most of the time! :)

UnkleB said...

Just so you know recently our fine Liberal premier Dalton McGoofy passed a law stating that you can not smoke with your kids in the car so I hope that Cooter was not lightin' up!! and why in the hell weren't those kids wearing seatbelts!