Saturday, March 21, 2009

Club Sandwiches?? sure PETA, sure

A few days ago I came across an interesting picture courtesy of Stageleft. Don't club seals, club sandwiches? Club Sandwiches? Don't these MENSA wannabes realize these things contain meat?? Ah well, you can always ignore idiots. I can't however, ignore my taste buds. I love club sandwiches! Since these protest groups are so powerfuly suggestive (afterall they dupe the gullible out of millions every year to promote their warped value system) I suddenly felt the urge to eat a club sandwich. Now, since we have no sandwich/sub shops here in Arctic Bay, this means I'll have to be creative and make my own.

Club sandwiches.....mmmm....I'm thinking nice fancy bread, lightly toasted, bacon, chicken, perhaps some turkey, a little mayo, a little cheese, some lettuce and throw on some tomato. My mouth is watering already! Ok, I have my little shopping list. Off to the store we go!

(to be continued......)