Saturday, March 21, 2009

Club Sandwiches....not so simple, PETA

So I've now returned from the store armed with the prices for all the ingredients I need to make my club sandwich. I should mention that here in Arctic Bay we have two grocery stores, the Northern (formerly the Hudson Bay Company) and the Co-op. It was the Northern that I went to since a) it was closer and b) hey, I was hungry, I want a club sandwich. I sought out prices for the least expensive item (if available).

The price list....

Bread - There wasn't any bread on the shelves when I checked actually, but I did purchase a loaf of "Country Harvest Prairie" bread yesterday on my way home from work...cost - $5.25

Mayonnaise - Again, there wasn't any on the shelves. But I did purchase a bottle early in the week (a very small one I might add) for $3.45

Cheese - Kraft Cracker Barrel 200g...$5.49

One head of Lettuce - $4.19

Tomato - Again, there weren't any in stock. I then decided to head over the Co-op. I found one. One single tomato. But seeing as it looked like it had seen better days, I decided to make due without.

Chicken - sliced chicken, Best Value 175g - $2.95. Incidentally, I also saw a 2kg bag of crispy chicken in the freezer - for the low low price of $71.49.

Bacon - Maple Leaf 500g - $9.49

Mustard - well, given the prices so far, I'll just bum some off my room mate. I'm sure he won't mind.

Sub Total - $30.82 - and I don't have everything on my list
GST - $1.54
Grand Total - $32.36

And in case you think I'm making this all up, I invite you to take a peek here at some prices typical of those found in isolated northern communities. They come courtesy of Kendra at Tales From The Arctic.

Now, I'm no hunter. I know the cost of hunting supplies can get pricey too. But I'd venture that a bullet for a seal costs no where close to $32.36.


Tracey said...

I dislike spending money on groceries. The higher cost of eating healthier really irritates me. If I were to live up north someone else would have to do the shopping and I'd do the cooking.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Let's say it all together now:


One happy Northern Store Manager's wife. :)

BTW, does your Co-Op up there by any chance carry Fraser Farm Meatballs? I'm just curious.

Way Way Up said...

Can't say I've ever heard of Fraser Farm Meatballs but then today was actually the first time I've gone in to our Co-op since at least October of last year.

And I should add this post wasn't intended as a knock against the Northern. I grew up as a kid of small business people so I'm more than aware of the simple realities of doing business. My intent was merely to show that the silly solutions proposed by groups such as PETA, IFAW, the SSCS and the other spawns of Satan they chum around with are just that - simplistic, unrealistic and ultimately unhelpful.

Meandering Michael said...

Check out the latest CBC Comedy Factory podcast. It's not exactly about seals, but...