Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Year In La Loche

Before moving to Nunavut, I spent a year in Northern Saskatchewan where I taught grade 6 in La Loche. The ice fishing was first rate and I enjoyed my time there immensely. I have to say that Saskatchewan has got to be the most under-rated province in Canada. I spent more time with a fishing pole in my hands then a camera but here are a few pictures from my time there.

My house.

La Loche Community School, the elementary school.

One of the original Hudson's Bay Co. buildings I believe.

Road to nowhere....or at the least the road north to Cluff Lake Mine.

Tug of war on Lac La Loche.

Fantastic sunset.

An even more fantastic sunset.

The ice fishing on Lac La Loche was amazing..a great way to spend a weekend in the Spring.

Ice fishing on Fontaine Lake.

Gotta love one-room schools. This is tiny Isaac School in Descharmes Lake, a couple hours north of La Loche.

Just over the continental divide was the picturesque Clearwater River and the Warner Rapids. I was never really successful with fishing there but it was great little spot to relax and enjoy the views.

Saleski Creek on the outskirts of town. Again, never caught a thing but a nice spot to explore.

You know you're in small-town Canada when you see this outside the one gas station in town.


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I completely agree with you that Saskatchewan is under-rated...that is where I grew up, and I love it there, even though everyone makes fun of it!!! Enjoyed the pictures as I have been to La Loche before!

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Lindsay. La Loche was also one of the first places I had to speak to an RCMP officer. I got lost trying to find the Post Office on my first day there and got directions from a member who was sitting in his vehicle outside the town office. I was all stressed out at the time since I was frustrated with getting lost on my first day there and the member probably thought I needed more serious help but I laugh at myself when I think back on this now.

Tracey said...

I've never been to Saskatchewan, although I have a brother that lives in Regina at the moment.
The first fish I ever caught I was ice fishing on a lake somewhere between Perth and West port, Ontario. I was about 16 or so. A very memorable time. I loved it there.

Anonymous said...

Just found your page today looking for some pictures for an Elder to use when he comes to my class today...there's a pretty good chance that it's your old classroom, since I'm teaching Grade 6 in La Loche myself! It's great to see positive things about the town out there in public.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Anonymous. There are a lot of familial connections between La Loche and Janvier as you might know. We actually had a student enroll here this week who was from La Loche. My fiance and I hope to get an opportunity to travel the ice road there so I can show her the area over there.

I know there are still a few people there at the school from when I taught there 2002-03. My classroom was the one with sky-light just down past the computer lab.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I am in the process of relocating to this community. It is nice to read your personal accounts and view your beautiful photos.