Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunrise Sunset

The sun returned here about a month ago. Day by day the amount of sunlight we receive increases by about 14-15 minutes. On May 5, 2009, the sun will no longer set here. By late April though we will no longer have dark skies at "night" but a nice lingering twilight which will slowly blend back into "day". For the curious then, I've chosen a few random dates along with their sunrise and sunset times just to give you a sense of how dramatic the changes are.

I pulled the following information from

January 30 sunrise - 1223h
sunset - 1323h
Although the sun rises, it is not yet visible here in Arctic Bay due to the mountains to the south.

February 5 sunrise - 1102h
sunset - 1445h
Assuming a clear, the sun is now briefly visible from town shortly before noon.

February 15 sunrise - 0948h
sunset - 1600h

February 28 sunrise - 0829h
sunset - 1716h

March 15 sunrise - 0806h
sunset - 1932h

March 31 sunrise - 0643h
sunset - 2051h

April 15 sunrise - 0509h
sunset - 2211h
By now if you haven't discovered the wonders of tinfoil placed over your bedroom window, you soon will.

April 30 sunrise - 0313
sunset - 0001h

May 5 24 hour daylight will last until August 9.