Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An Quite Unexpected Visitor

One thing I never had to adjust to when I moved north was the habit of leaving my front door unlocked, particularly when I'm at home. Such was the case this morning. I woke up not feeling all that well this morning and decided to take the day to rest up and recharge the batteries. My room mate left at the regular time and I was just about to drift off to la-la-land when I heard the front door open. (I read that Kara had an interesting visitor this morning as well but unlike hers, mine only had two legs.) Anyhow, Monty had only been gone a few minutes so I just assumed he had forgotten something.

I took a quick look out into the living room and saw someone who was definitely not my room mate. Seems a local man had walked right in and made himself at home on the couch. Well, this was a bit of a shocker to say the least. I'm accustomed to knocks on the door or people stopping by but most of the time they are expected visitors. Now, I should add before I go any further that although I may have emitted a small "man scream", my visitor was quite harmless - a local character who, I've been told, has unfortunately done more than his fair share of gas sniffing over the years but I've never viewed him as a threat. He was actually giggling away and I found myself wishing I was in as giddy a mood as he appeared to be.

He was sitting on the couch watching the CBC morning news, his sun glasses on the coffee table and a pair of work gloves resting on the arm of the living room chair. Our conversation, as can be expected, was brief.

Me: Um, hello...
Him: Hi. [giggling] I stay here?
Me: Um...well, no. You need to leave right now.
Him: [still giggling] Okay.

To the guy's credit, he complied, gathering up his things and leaving without a fuss. A little shocked, I watched him leave and couldn't help a bit of a chuckle and a roll of the eyes as I locked the door and headed back to bed. When I woke up later in the morning, and recalled the visit, it definitely had a surreal quality about it. A reminder to myself to be a little more attentive toward locking the door when I'm sleeping and to never utter the old phrase, "Good grief, now I've seen everything."!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That is WAY more entertaining than my moose for sure!!

Way Way Up said...

Heh....I suppose my "man scream" is pretty impressive.