Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perhaps They Should Just Stick With The Wine And Cheese Making

I like France. Really I do. Bill O'Reilly and the FOX network might not, but I say "Vive La France." Sometimes however, I wonder what goes through the heads of their politicians when it comes to education policy. As I was reading around online I came across an article that referred to something called the "French law on Colonialism". It was passed in 2005 (and thankfully, repealed shortly after). Let's re-write history trumpeting the positive role French colonialism has played in world history. Bravo. No really. Well, except that North Africa isn't exactly a model of democracy (so much for good government). Except that French colonialism aided in the spread of slavery in the Caribbean (so much for positive social values). Except that the French army got their clocks cleaned on the Plains of Abraham in 1759 (so much for military glory...oh sorry, I meant "la gloire."

Thankfully, there were a few French leaders that put down their wine bottles and bricks of cheese down long enough to realize this tripe was a bad idea and repeal it.