Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paul Watson, Where Art Thou?

Of course you knew as soon as I read this story of trapped dolphins in Seal Cove, Newfoundland it was only a matter of time before I'd break down and comment. To me the rightness or the wrongness of the actions of the would-be rescuers isn't important. What I'm really wondering about is "Where is Paul Watson, the so-called "saviour of the seas" in all this??" Sure I know that fighting Japanese whalers generates a lot of media publicity (and money) but surely the lives of 5 trapped dolphins are just as worthy?

So I got curious and visited the Sea Shepherd Society's website. Oh, you know these guys. The Society's Canadian arm is, according to their website, based in Vancouver, where apparently, they are East Coast experts. (Note to Sea Shepherd Society - don't you think you'd have an extra modicum of credibility if you were located closer to where the events actually took place.....or did you fail geography class?. Newfoundland is that really really big island off the eastern coast of know.....just so you know.)

But seriously, Paul, buddy, I'm disappointed. How blind are you that you are unaware of what is going on in your own country? (That would be that big frozen piece of land North of the United States in case you were confused.) Sea creatures everywhere are expecting you to protect them and yet you were no where to be seen in Seal Cove, Newfoundland. Really, Paul, I'm disappointed. You failed. Why do you continue to fail?? I just can't put my finger on it. There's just something about Paul Watson and failure.

Anyway, so I decided to check the Sea Shepherd website to see if the efforts of the dolphins' rescuers would be applauded by their group. And what did I find? Well, nothing. I suppose live animals and successful rescues make for poor publicity and aren't so good for padding the war chest. I did, however, find a commentary by Watson critical of Greenpeace. So much for left-wing, loony-tunes solidarity I guess.


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with your point of view.