Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My P.I.

An interesting week so far, not entirely to plan but I suppose it could have been worse. As I mentioned a few days ago, school is out this week while staff participate in professional development. The original plan for my Professional Improvement Week activity was to interview a local elder about the changes to traditional life and impact the move into communities has had on the social fabric. I had also hoped to collect some traditional stories. I am required to accumulate 120 hours of professional improvement in order to maintain my certification. Keener that I am, I already have 121 hours by my count and my certification doesn't need renewal until 2011. So compared to most of my other colleagues I'm sitting pretty.

Unfortunately, the elder I had chosen (and a second elder I had contacted as well) became unavailable due to medical travel this week. A third elder suggested to me by vice-principal had plans to go out on the land this week (Spring is slowly returning to the North Baffin). To make a long story short, I ended up filling out another activity application and, after a flurry of emails between here and Rankin Inlet, managed to get things sorted out. Basically, I'm going doing an activity similar to the original. The big difference is that I will be gathering information through research. So I'm a big disappointed as I was really looking forward to talking to people who had lived through and experienced the things about which now I am only reading about. On a brighter note though, I have a few books on order from Amazon which will be welcome additions to my classroom.