Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dear Qiniq (aka Pathetically Sad Internet Service Provider)

Seriously....what's the problem? Were you born retarded? Or did you have to work at it? Rather than nickel-and-dime-ing me to death for pathetic service, why don't you just take all my money? Are you trying to prove that you're incompetent or something? You don't need to prove you're incompetent. I already know that you are! Please don't send me an email telling me you're sorry for being utterly incompetent. Don't be sorry. Just do your job!

Disgruntled Customer


Kiggavik said...

You know, in general I'm satisfied with Qiniq. I get better service and quality from them than I do the phone company, which has been at it a lot longer; I don't suffer service degradation that often - and I appreciate them at least admitting it rather than leaving me in the dark; more importantly I remember the days of dial up - when it could literally take 8 hours to pay a bill, trying over and over again.

People I know down south often marvel that every community up here has broadband. Expensive yes, but more so than anything else up here, no. As fast as I like it, no but would it ever be?