Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bob Is A Moron...Barking Up The Wrong Tree

I promise I did take a step back and breathe after reading this story and far be it from me to take pot shots at an octogenarian but.....come on. Does anyone think for a minute that Bob Barker is any more of an expert on elephants than I am?? Please. Barker maintains he will head to Edmonton himself but really, will he put his money where his collagen-filled mouth is and pony up the dough to move Lucy if need be? Or is he just another ex-star with an ego simply trying to generate publicity for himself?

I suppose when it comes down to it, it isn't all that surprising that Barker has cast his lot with the animal-rights fanatics, given how his former "Price is Right" show has been rocked with all the legal hassles in the past over how he treats people. You mean to tell me that Hollywood, or any other southern California metropolis is a model of environment protection or that any of the many prizes given away on your show over all those years didn't involve minimum-wage labour?? Give me a break.

Honestly, I am so sick so these so-called "experts" who are nothing more than an over-exposed "stars" using their publicity to fuel their own self-serving egos. Come on down, Bob. Either put up....or shut up.


Kennie said...

Bob Barker is still alive?? I thought he died and that was why Drew Carey took over The Price is Right ... hmmm ... am I experiencing temporal time shifts again?

Way Way Up said...

Live or dead, the guy still stinks.