Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Share 2009

PostSecret is, without a doubt, my favorite site on the Internet (although Television without Pity runs a close second).

It's such a simple and brilliant concept because Art + Secrets = Compelling Reading. I've wanted to submit a post card for ages, but I've hit a few stumbling blocks: general laziness and inertia as well as the fact that my art skills never progressed past the third grade. I color inside the lines real good, but that's about it.

I've decided to take advantage of my anonymous status in BlogShare to create three Post Secrets. The only catch is that they'll be text-only, because I'm still lazy and artistically-challenged.

Postcard #1 Description: A hand-drawn picture of a #33 Dillon Panthers football jersey with the words "I can't....I can't stop thinking about Tim Riggins.....I can't."

Postcard #1 Explanation: If you watch Friday Night Lights, then you know exactly what I'm talking about and can picture the scene in your head. If you don't watch FNL, then you need to go to Netflix, I-Tunes, or Amazon and get Season 1. It's been called "the best show on television that you're not watching" for a reason. I don't want to hear that you don't like football. The show is not about football. It's about relationships, families, struggling for small victories in life, and finding your way in the world.

But back to my point, I have developed this ridiculous and giddy crush on Tim Riggins, despite the fact that he's a fictional 17-year-old kid and I'm an actual woman sliding down greased skids towards 40. (I'm just thankful that the actor who plays the kid is 27, otherwise it would be a lot more uncomfortable to admit this crush.) Defining Riggins is just not as simple as calling him the retina-searingly-hot bad boy with an alcohol problem. It would have been easy for Riggins to fall into the stereotype of a partying, womanizing jock. But thanks to the tremendous skills of the writers and actor, the character has developed into a conflicted and flawed but wholly redeemable person. And I don't think there's a woman in the world who can watch Riggins and not feel an inexorable pull to want to save him.

Postcard #2 Description: Part of a medical pamphlet with the warning signs of some serious disease, including "unexplained weight loss." In red, the hand-written words: "If it happened to me, I'm afraid I'd wait until I hit my ideal weight."

Postcard #2 Explanation: I've struggled with my weight ever since high school. I'm healthy and active, but I'm still about 20 pounds overweight and it's all I can see when I look in the mirror. Losing weight has been a difficult and painstaking process for me, so I'd notice if it was happening too easily or quickly. I hope that I'd have the good sense and strong self-preservation instincts to recognize a warning sign. But I'm still terrified that my vanity and inner self-loathing Fat Girl would want to wait until the magic numbers came up on the scale. I hope that identifying this secret is half the battle and that I'd do the right thing for my health, regardless of what the stupid scale says.

Postcard #3 Description: A grainy black and white photo of a production line in a factory with the words "My job is really just a mental factory that's grinding down my soul and giving me mental repetitive stress injuries. I want so much more than this."

Postcard #3 Explanation: I have a good-paying, stress-free job in a pleasant office where I work with nice people. But I hate it because it feels as pointless as making widgets. This isn't what I went to college and graduate school for. This isn't what I thought my life was going to be. I'm trying to make changes and hope that in the next few years, I'll be able to land my dream job. But sometimes, it's hard to see past the next widget that's coming down the line.

Thank you for letting me share my deepest, darkest PostSecrets (sans the post part). I hope you're enjoying BlogShare and have a chance to check out the other participants.

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahahah I love #1! We just watched the first 2 seasons of Friday Night Lights- but I have a crush on another guy! The one the coach keeps calling Lance in season 2 and for the life of me I cannot remember his name now. He is such a dork, but yet I have a crush on him! My poor husband!

-R- said...

I love this post.

I'm not a Tim Riggins person. I like the baby-faced QB, Matt.

Tess said...

I love this! I, too, love Postsecret and have thought about what secrets I would send in.

lizgwiz said...

I feel you on #3. Maybe in my next life (or hey--maybe in THIS one) I'll get to do something besides make metaphorical widgets.

marty said...

I am also a Matt girl. :)