Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why Must You Constantly Blame US?!

Note to Americans, (or at least FOX News)

Honestly, if I read or see one more news story blaming Canada every time you experience "Arctic-like weather", a "frigid air mass" or a "bitter cold front", I swear I'll march down the length of Baffin Island, hop over to Nunavik and continue right on down to the 49th parallel and have words with you. Honestly, it's getting tired. And last time I checked a globe, Alaska looked pretty darn north to me. Weather systems tend to track from west to east so seeing as Alaska is west of I where I sit, perhaps I should blame Americans for the -35C weather I experienced here this morning. But you know what? I don't. And why? Well, several reasons. First, it's called North America - North as opposed to South and since the northern hemisphere is away from the sun at the moment, that makes it winter. So guess what? It's supposed to be cold.

Second, its called Mother Nature. That's life. In Canada we don't whine about it (okay, unless of course we're talking about Torontonians or Vancouverites). Call me crazy, but I live in a country where we don't try to control everything or try to change the world to fit our image. If you can't suppress a Maine-sized country after 8 years, chances are you're not going to fare any better with something really big called Mother Nature, so why whine and moan about it?

And third, I guess Canadians are just tougher. Sorry but -25 IS NOT cold. It just isn't. And if it is, then dress for it. No use crying over it. I probably wouldn't be able to hear you with my big hat and hood covering my ears, anyway. I find it funny that a country that likes to boast and scream about being the greatest country in the world and how tough it is with its big military has a hissy fit the moment a snowflake touches the ground and the mercury drops below 32F. Don't you think there are many more important issues affecting your country and the world other than how you can't get to the mall for your Starbucks coffee and Walmart savings because, gee, it's -20?? Ooohhh.....brrrr....

A little advice if I can be so bold - It's called winter; it's called life; you can't control the weather and no one is interested in hearing you bitch about it. Time to suck it up. Grow a spine and deal with the weather. And don't blame Canada. It's getting old and we're just not interested.

Really, shouldn't you be more worried about losing nuclear weapons out of aircraft? That seems of great concern to me than a touch of cold weather.


Kimberlee said...

I feel your pain. I really do.

If an apology from a US citizen might possibly help, I gladly offer mine. The sad truth of the matter is that, in many respects, we HAVE become a nation of whiners and the media does nothing, but encourage that. It's like they've got nothing to do, but find the whiniest person on the street and put them on the air.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Canada gets the blame for cold weather because many citizens living in the "lower 48" don't even remember that Alaska exists, much less consider it part of the Union. Some don't have a clue where it is located. I was told by a rental car agent that it wasn't possible to drive from the lower 48 to Alaska because there was no land bridge. What??? Yeah. Somebody else (from the lower 48) asked me if they'd need to exchange money in order to visit Alaska. Huh. Ignorance abounds.

Personally, I blame Siberia for cold weather.

(Ha! Just kidding!)

Jessica said...

First, no educated person in America watches Fox News. The only reason Fox News exists is so Bill O'Reilly can scream about things and make a fool of himself and we have someone to laugh at.

Second, some of us like the cold weather! It was -17 in upstate New York yesterday, I went skiing, it was fantastic, and if it was Canada's fault...well, thank you!

Way Way Up said...

My post was a little tongue-in-cheek. To be fair, Jessica, I should have mentioned the article I referred to came out of Alabama. I stopped reading FOX News on a regular basis several months ago but perhaps some of their tricks got through to me subliminally. Mea Culpa. Your welcome for the cold weather though! :)

The ignorance out there can be quite astounding, Kimberlee. Truthfully I get it from goth sides of the border. While I was visiting my parents, I was into a store picking up a few items. I mentioned to the clerk who knew me through my parents that I was going on my 6th year living in Nunavut and the guy standing behind me in the line asked if I had turned into an Eskimo yet. Yeesh! Yet, having bashed the US in some fashion, I must say that I really REALLY look forward to visiting your state one day. Its on my list of of "Top 10" places to visit.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Fox to run a story on the killer "Canadian Geese" that brought down the plane in NY.


Curtis Groom said...

Hey Darcy,
Don't back down, you have something here, forget the tongue and cheeck nonsense and get with the program. forget about asserting ARCTIC sovereignty... I say we turn all the fans in the Actic towards the south and when we freeze the US and everything comes to a stop, we invade while they are all stuck in their houses. Think of it, Manifest Destiny Canadaian style. Ohh to dream, and in that dream...
Take Care

Aida said...

a lighter note..very well said and darn funny too :-)

dogsled_stacie said...

Well, we've got +7C here in Whitehorse right now. I hear some people are thanking Hawaii for it, but I'm blaming them!!! Dammit, our snow is going to melt... :(

Jessica said...

Bahahahahahaha. No land bridge. That is the most awesome thing I've ever heard.

Ignorance amazes me. I was sitting in a grad level Nordic regional policy class one time and the professor asked what "Scandinavia" was...someone answered "a province of Russia." GRADUATE LEVEL! You'd think knowing where your subject of study IS would be a prerequisite to taking the class!