Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slovenia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Slovakia

A little self-indulgent perhaps, but at the moment I'm having a dilly of a time deciding between a couple of summer vacation destinations. For the past few months, I've been pretty set on Slovenia, having picked up a couple of really good travel books on the country. As I also discovered, getting to Ljubljana from Switzerland by train should be simple enough if can convince my dear aunt to put up with me for a few days. In recent weeks however, I've found the prospects of 6 weeks in Slovakia quite alluring (thanks Google Earth!). And now, I'm on the fence. I actually saw Slovakia last summer from Hungary though I never got over the border. I had planned to go there a couple years ago, but was so overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Prague that I ended up sticking around the Czech Republic much longer than originally planned. Hmmm.....the names sound so similar yet they are both very different and attractive to me. It will be a tough choice. Unless something comes up to break the impasse, I may just have to flip a coin.

Speaking of confusion between the two countries, I once read how FORMER President Bush told a Slovakian journalist how much he had learned about his country after talking to the the Slovak foreign minister. In fact, it was the Prime Minister of Slovenia he had been talking to. Poor George! Slovenia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Slovakia. I'm sure he would have been even more confused if he had been told about Slavonia, which of course, is part of Croatia.


Fawh said...

Well, perhaps you ought to visit both so that you can report on the big differences between them so that none of your readers will ever again confuse the two. :)

Fawn - yes, FawN! :) said...

Oops - momentary distraction and all of a sudden I can't spell my own name.

Way Way Up said...

No worries. I made a point a few years ago of always doing all my marking at the school and never on weekends. And you're right, I'll likely end up visiting both countries eventually anyway. :)