Friday, January 30, 2009

Hungarian Highlights - Part 13 (Debrecen)

Link to Part 12

Debrecen - Hungary's second city, marked the easternmost point of my trip. The place had a relaxing Old World feel. The city had a single tram line and the high tech trams provided an interesting contrast with the historical buildings along the main promenade. It was also a very walkable city and, since I arrived there on a Sunday afternoon, very quiet, almost to the point of being comatose.

Coat-of-Arms in the main square.

Looking south down Kalvin Square from the top of the Great Church. My hotel is the large grey building on the right.

Debrecen's Great Church. This is where Hungary's Declaration of Independence was read out also where the first Parliament met. A statue of Lajos (Louis) Kossuth, Hungary's "Father of Independence" sits out in front.

More views of the Great Church.

My hotel in the background, a fantastic Art Nouveau building...and well worth every penny I might add!