Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fly This Way! Fly That Way!....Gurgle, Gurgle!

After 3 loooong travel days I find myself back in Arctic Bay tonight. There's a saying that it's not the destination but the journey along the way that something something. Very true. Just when you think you've seen everything.

I left Ottawa Friday morning without a hitch and over-nighted in Iqaluit. Other than being woken up at 1am by a somewhat inebriated hotel guest who had apparently wandered into the wrong hotel, no big problems. The fun stuff began this morning. I actually thought I was ahead of the game, since my flight left 15 minutes ahead of schedule. But I had heard some talk in the terminal that the road from town out to the airport out at Nanisivik had not been plowed so there were worries about the flight not being able to land. Apparently the runway was not plowed either....always nice to hear while sitting on a plane en route. So, we land in Pond Inlet. Again, no big deal as we were already scheduled to stop in there anyway before popping over to Nanisivik.

The fun began when we landed in Pond and were told that Nanisivik's runway and the road leading to it were still buried in snow. Hmm. This was the first time I have encountered a flight (anywhere) being delayed to "bad road conditions". So, in order to buy time to clear the runway it was decided that our plane would carry on to Resolute Bay with the passengers bound for there. Then, it would attempt to land at Nanisivik (by then, hopefully plowed), drop off the Arctic Bay-bound cargo, return to Pond Inlet and pick up the Arctic Bay-bound passengers, head back to Nanisivik and drop us off before making the 1200km flight back to Iqaluit. To make a long story short, this all translated into a 5 hour layover in Pond Inlet. Fortunately, my superintendent bumped into us in Pond so my principal, another colleague and myself were able to kill a couple hours at her place rather than sit around at the terminal.

All this to say that since I am writing this, my flight was obviously successful in landing safely on a nice plowed runway. It's good to be home. School was supposed to start tomorrow. While in Pond though, I learned that our school was flooded due to a burst pipe. All I have heard so far is that it was "very bad" though the situation is being worked on. So, no school for tomorrow at least.

hmm.....Happy New Year??'s STILL good to be home.