Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Birth and A Death

Of course, I couldn't possibly let the day go by without mentioning that it is the anniversary of the birth of W.A. Mozart. I had almost forgotten all about it. Something must be at work within my subconscious however because through some strange quirk, having forgotten the significance of today's date, I mailed off an order for some Mozart CDs on my way home from work. Nothing less than a box set of all of Mozart's compositions. Of course, I already have a box set of all of Mozart's recordings but I figure, hey, it's Mozart. One set is never enough.

And since Mozart was such a little wunderkind on the piano, this leads nicely into a second anniversary. The man credited as the inventor of the modern piano died this day in 1731. For such a far-reaching invention, you would think he'd be more of a household name. Embarrassingly enough, I was well into high school before I learned the name of the man who invented the instrument I love so much, a (now) obscure Italian by the name of Bartolomeo Cristofori. (My first piano was a wood and metal refugee my stepfather rescued from the Campbellford hockey rink if I recall correctly. Looking back, that piano seemed to be as old as one of Cristofori's original instruments. It brought years of great joy and great opportunity to my life. Thanks Bart.)


Bonnieupnorth said...

Darcy, You have been tagged in the 6th photo meme...