Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Deadline

In case you weren't aware or had forgotten (for shame, for shame), tomorrow, January 12, is the last day to send in nominations for this year's Nunie Awards. Nominations for "Best Blog" and "Best New Blog" can be emailed to nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca. There is also a category for Best Blog Post. Each blogger gets to nominate one of their posts they feel is deserving of this title (which I've already shamelessly done so), so I'll see how my pick fares. The top 5 nominees in each category will then be voted on for top prize.

Yes, we even have prizes! And what are they? Well, thanks for asking. Prizes include a knitted cap, courtesy of Clare from Arctic House, who is running the contest, along with a stylized badge for the winning blogger to put up on their sidebar. Jen, of Jen of Nunavut renown has 2 badges on her blog for winning "Best Blog" and "Best Blog Post" in last year's contest. For "Best Blog", the winner receives an acrylic painting. For "Best New Blog", the prize is a $25 Northern Link card, donated by Rob and Tina from Just Below 63. The winner of "Best Post" wins a travel mug with a Nunavut blogging crest on it, courtesy of Jen.

I've seen the Northern blogosphere expand quite a bit since I began blogging, from around 5 or 6 to around 40 blogs I'm aware of. In fact, a great many of the blogs on my sidebar came to my attention as a result last year's Nunie Awards competition.

On a related note, I was contacted yesterday at the school by a northern newspaper and interviewed about my blog, as part of an upcoming article on the 2008 Nunies. I suspect I was contacted more because I happen to live in the same community as Clare, who is running the contest and because Kendra and I both work at the same school, making it easy to get two interviews with one phone call, rather than because of any great writing on my part, though. Anyhow, fellow Northerners can look for that article in next week's edition of News North. And for relatives back home, I'll be sure to save a couple copies and mail them off to you.


Jennith said...

A couple of us made the 1 km trek to the school and its windy and there is lots of snow in the air and you can't see too far, but it isn't so bad. Much better than the blinding snow storm I drove through from Sudbury to Parry Sound 2 weeks ago - that was nerve wracking...and that had nothing on a drive back along the snow packed 401 last winter coming home from Ottawa or the solo drive I did through an ice storm from Sussex to TO (taking 24 hours including a nap on my friend's driveway in Belleville) I guess there is something to be said for not having to drive in bad weather - even if it is for lack of a road or vehicle. The wind is howly and I most certainly wouldn't want to be out on the land, you'd be lost in a heartbeat without the landmarks of roads and streetlights.

BTW.. thanks for you comment the other day. Its nice to know that people read all my ramblings... :D