Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 Votes Of Separation

Another Nunie Awards has wrapped up (almost). The competition was a lot of fun, with many interesting twists and turns. There was a tie for "Best Blog" so there will be a run off to decide the winner. Congrats to Cindy, Matt & Our Furry Friends on being voted "Best New Blog". As for "Best Blog Post", it was a close race between Townie Bastard and myself. Every time I checked the poll, it seemed our two entries were always within a handful of votes, making it the tightest of the three races by far. In the end though Townie beat my infamous sewage truck post by a mere 3 votes. Thanks to all who took the time to vote for my post! Check out Townie's winning post. I recall it getting nominated in the recently-held Canadian Blog Awards, so I was up against some great competition.

Congratulations to all entrants. I've been part of the Nunavut blogging community for longer than most blogs on my sidebar and its great to see how things have really taken off, especially in the past couple years. And a tip of the hat is definitely in order to Clare for organizing the competition. The nice little bump in the number of visitors to my blog was nice to see. Who knows what the next Nunie Awards Competition will bring?


Megan said...

It was hard to pick. You guys are all great in different ways.

Way Way Up said...

As are the NWT blogs!

Kiggavik said...

It was a close one Darcy, I couldn't stop going back and checking PollDaddy to see if there had been any changes. Over and over again.

towniebastard said...

I, too, was addicted to Poll Daddy and figured for sure Darcy was going to get by, especially when he put out the last minute call on Facebook.

Still, I'm sure he'll kick my ass next year...;)