Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 Nunie Awards...Let The Nominations Begin!

Clare over at Arctic House has announced the start of this year's Nunie Awards. You can head over there for more details. The categories are:

Best Blog

Best New Blog

Best Blog Post

Nominations will be accepted until midnight, January 12. I finished 4th last year in the "Best Blog" category I believe, so shamelessly I again ask my readers for a nomination. You can nominate as many as 5 blogs for each category and voting will commence shortly after the January 12 deadline. You can e-mail your nominations to nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca. You can nominate as many as 5 blogs for the categories of "Best Blog" and "Best New Blog".

Last year's contest was fantastic as it brought many new blogs to my attention, many of which have now become regular reads. My sidebar includes blogs from all the 3 Northern territories so just be sure it is a Nunavut blog you are nominating (although of course, they are all excellent reading to me). I have a few ideas in mind for nominations so I plan to go through them and e-mail my choices off to Clare over the next couple days.

So, if you want to nominate me, thanks. And if not, that's okay. It's just nice to see the great writing on Canada's newest territory that's out there in the blogosphere get some recognition.