Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year That Was

In January, I developed a strange obsession.

In February, the sun returned. and we had a lunar eclipse. I also taunted Greenpeace.

In March, Way Way Up turned two.
I then celebrated by ranting against the anti-seal hunt crowd, over and over
and over and over.

In April, I visited a nearby

In May, there was Nunavut

In June, I visited the future mine out at
Mary River.

In July, I traipsed around Hungary.

In August, I returned to Arctic Bay in time to experience a
blizzard of sorts.
My sealift also arrived.

In September, we were invaded by icebergs.

In October, our school held its graduation ceremony. Nunavut also held its 3rd election, campaign posters and all.

In November, the sun disappeared for the remainder of the year. It still provided us with some interesting light shows though.

In December, I returned with my soccer teams from another fantastic tournament in Iqaluit.

And that's the year that was!


Alex said...

congrats on having a great year!
(is that a weird thing to congratulate someone on?)

Happy New Year!

Ferry Tales said...

Sounds like you had a pretty awesome year. Here's to another year of ranting, roaring and posting awesome photographs!

Anonymous said...

Hi D!
Jennifer of Nunablog here. (I forget my google id so I'm posting as anonymous)
I've just done some catching up on your last several months. I'm going to try much, much harder to get back to regularly reading my favourite northern blogs. Maybe it will help with the homesickness I'm feeling for the north.

You've had some pretty incredible stuff, good and bad, happen this year.
Here's to 2009!!