Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, I Can't Think Of Too Many Workplaces Where These Phrases Would Be Uttered

Yesterday morning an announcement was made over the PA system at the school to the effect that we should conserve water as both water trucks were "broken down". True to form I ran out of water last night which meant no morning shower. This is only the second morning this has happened this school year so I'm not complaining. (Last year, it was 13 out of 16 Monday mornings with no water by my count.) It's easy to tell at work who ran out of water among the staff. The large hoodies, toques and ball caps are all tell-tale signs. Apparently, many of us got dinged with empty water tanks this morning.

My morning greeting to a colleague went something like this: Morning. Try not to get too close! I ran out of water this morning so I couldn't get my morning shower. I don't think I stink that bad though so don't worry!!

I turned back as I walking down the hall to my class and added: There's probably not too many work places in Canada where you'd say "Good morning! I didn't shower this morning!!"

Psst...but don't worry though. Both trucks are now functioning fine and one dropped by to deliver its precious cargo shortly after I got home from work this afternoon.

Breathe easy.

UPDATE - Darn....I think our furnace just died -- in -31C weather. Oops.


Fawn said...

Oy! I hopr you have a fireplace. When we lived in Fort Liard, we bought a couple of portable propane heaters since wewere one of the few houses in town with no stove.

Fortunately, our water tank rarely ran out, since it was big and there were only two of us. Which meant we had to do a lot of laundry to purposely empty it when we wanted to do the annual scrub-down!

And for what it's worth, I don't think a daily shower is a strict necessity. Dang, maybe I shouldn't write that in public.

Bonnieupnorth said...

Some things never change eh? Minus Alberta bracing for a minus 20 this weekend and people talking about " the really cold " coming. Thought about what I consider the Nunavut solution to frozen door locks..hairdrier when using the other day to get into my car whose locks were iced up....hope you have a better Monday morning next week!

Way Way Up said...

I forgot to mention as a quick follow-up that my furnace turned out to be just fine in the end. Guess I suffered from a small bout of pre-Christmas paranoia.

Kennie said...

Yeah ... except you weren't the one hearing something like the Titanic hitting an iceberg next door in the utility room - I think I was the pre-christmas paranoid :-) and for some odd reason, I still don't get heat in the main room, but I got heat in all of the other rooms ... who knows.