Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank A Canadian Soldier

A good high school chum sent me an email earlier in the week to let me know that he was doing well and is now back in Canada after another mission in Afghanistan. Sadly, 3 Canadian soldiers will not see their families this holiday season. I really don't know what to say other than rather than espousing political views, I wish people would take a moment to appreciate things from our soldiers' prospective rather than trying to score cheap political points. On that point, I would highly recommend the writings of Sgt. Russell Storring on the CBC website for a glimpse of the life of a Canadian soldier on a tough mission. Interestingly, I know Sgt. Storring. We grew up not far from each other and both of us spent a few years in the same Army Cadet Corps growing up. Read up for a perspective many Canadians do not get to see and, fortunately, because of the selfless actions of Cpl. Hamilton, Pte. Jones and Pte. Curwin, do not have to endure.


Jennith said...

Its funny, I just had a conversation about Canada's role in Afghanistan with several colleagues that agreed that we Canadian is doing a brave service on behalf of the folk in Afghanistan who don't want to live under the rule of the Taliban and one who believed that it was an internal Afghanistan matter that we had no right being there. I don't think there is a black or white right there, but I definately think the Soldiers are due our respect for the sacrifices and work they are doing.