Friday, December 05, 2008

Spam Contains Some Curious Things

I normally pay no mind to my e-mail Spam folder but tonight for some reason I got brave and decided to take a peek inside. Amongst the ads for Cialis, Viagra and a nudist colony was a reply from Captain Crunch....or rather Paul Watson to the rather strongly-worded e-mail I fired off to him the other night. Apparently Prince Paul is down in Antarctica saving the whales from Japanese whalers (because the Japanese are such a naval threat). I was impressed that Watson had time to respond, given how he's down there dancing with penguins, jumping from iceberg to iceberg and generally making a fool of himself. According to Captain Crunch here, labeling him a racist makes me a pathetic individual. Right. Of course, he asserts vehemently that if it weren't for the fact that he is in Antarctica, he would have been up here with a ship, busting a channel to free the narwhal. Right. And if hadn't have sprained my wrist over the weekend I would have been drafted by the NFL.

I have to laugh though that this e-mail was directed to my Spam folder to begin with. Watson is just like Spam. You remember that stuff from when you were a kid? The can looked kinda cool from the outside but then when you opened it up......ick. So at the moment Watson's e-mail sits there in my Spam folder along with something to do with "Enbridge Money Lubricating Pipeline Route". I haven't opened THAT e-mail yet but, just like Watson's e-mail, I'm sure its full of unintelligible nonsense as well.


Anonymous said...

After reading your incoherent rants at Captain Paul Watson for having the audacity to criticise your bloodthirsty lifestyle, it worries me that you possess a gun. It doesn't, however, surprise me that you rednecks think it's okay to go and shoot 500 endangered whales. Recently, the Inuit banned the press from visiting the High Arctic after a National Geographic Society photographer documented bored Inuit kids taking pot shots all day long at passing narwhals. Almost every photograph of any narwhal shows evidence of old wounds and scars from Inuit bullets. You're clearly not very good shots and so 500 whales trapped in the ice gave you "traditional" hunters the chance to hone your ancient "skills" with modern weapons. I realize that European whalers may have threatened the bowhead but only the Inuit are to blame for pushing the narwhal towards extinction.

Way Way Up said...

Actually, it was Watson who began ranting. You obviously have no concept of life up here. I could try to explain it to you but it would be a complete waste of time. Further, I do not own a gun. Kindly leave the insults out. It never ceases to amaze me that people always fall back on childish insults once they run out of coherent arguments. At least have the guts to leave a name. I do not appreciate "drive by" comments on my blog. What sources do you cite for your statement that Inuit are responsible for pushing narwhal toward distinction?

Call me what you wish and think of me what you like. Am I supposed to care what you think?? Excuse me, but who died and gave you the right to be judge and jury on how people lead their lives here? Inuit don't tell you how to live your life. Grow up!

Megan said...

I don't believe I've ever seen a photo of a narwhal with bullet scars.

Way Way Up said...

What? Oh man, back to the propaganda drawing board I guess.

Kennie said...

bloodthirsty lifestyle eh?? gonna say, I don't think y'all got any meat in that freezer over there .. just cans and cans of Irish Stew and Potage au Vegetable!

Uhmmmm and the definition of 'redneck' doesn't really fit any of us up here in the North: Redneck- "Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States."

Anonymous said...

Here's a photo, especially for Megan, of a narwhal with a bullet wound. There are at least two bearing gunshot scars on this picture alone. So, a random photo, in a random location on a random day, with not all the whales clearly visible and yet two have wounds. That suggests that your hunting pressure is high and that will eventually drive the narwhal to extinction. Yes, I live in England, so know nothing and don't really want to waste my time telling you how to live your lives. You, of course, know it all, so go and drive some species to extinction.

Robert, Hertfordshire, England

Way Way Up said...

Oh my, where do I even start with this. I'm afraid Robert, that your comment is full of faulty assumptions.

First, the link to your photos isn't working but I'll picture one in my mind just to help out or discussion here. Aside from that:

1. A random picture provides no context. A viewer has no idea who fired the shots.

2. Further on the context issue, we have no idea where the magazine came from. Context is very important but I suppose not so much when it comes to propaganda.

3. Two narwhals is hardly suggestive of a species on the brink of extinction. You are reading something into a picture that simply isn't there.

4. Thank you for your admission you know nothing of the issue. This is why animal rights groups are so successful in their propaganda. They show pictures without context to people who know nothing of the realities going on and they fall prey to these groups emotional arguments.

5. I don't "know it all" as you suggest. I do, however, know that the reality is much different than from what two pictures and a host of animal rights groups suggests.

thank you for your comment.

Kennie said...

I can photoshop up a picture to help the cause :-)

Way Way Up said...

Can you photoshop in a brain for Captain Crunch there too?

Kennie said...

hmmm.... real brain, used brain, student brain or zombie brain?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're adhering to your own guidelines by not posting "Ignorant or culturally insensitive" comments. That's irony, in case you're mistaken. And irony aside, I find your photo of the the stuffed polar bear offensive, as do everyone here who's looked at your website. Not because I'm an animal rights activist, which I'm not, but because polar bears are endangered with less than 25,000 polar bears left. The stuffed bear just adds to my suspicion that you really have no regard for preserving the ecology of the Arctic. Going back to the Inuit pushing the narwhal towards extinction, if you wish to ignore whales with bullet wounds, or believe in some far-fetched conspiracy theory that we, down in the civilised world are busy, with photoshop adding scars to whales then you really are deluded. Robert, England

Way Way Up said...

Well, if you find my photo offensive, I have a very simply solution for you: Don't look at it. The photo was taken in Resolute Bay, where polar bears frequently wander into the community. Further, those who know me, and most of my readers understand that this is just my sense of humour coming through. I blog about many things in addition to animals and hunting. People who take the time to read through my blog rather than adhere to a few posts realize this.

Again, if you are offended, so be it. I highly doubt you speak for all readers of my blog. I make no apologies. I highly doubt I will see any apologies forthcoming from Watson and his ilk any time in the immediate future. So I feel no need to apologize.

Whales were hunted extensively in the Canadian Arctic in the 1800's by predominantly American and European whalers with large factory-type ships. So don't presume to tell me that Inuit with rifles could possibly come close to wreaking such carnage on the whale population. They do not mass hunt like the Europeans did.

As to whether polar bears are endangered, that is a controversial issue. According to Inuit knowledge, polar bears are not endangered. It is generally believed that polar bear populations are under stress because of a changing environment, NOT because of over-hunting by indigenous people. According to Inuit knowledge, the polar bear population is stable. There are two sides to the debate. The jury is still out on this issue.

Oh that's right, traditional knowledge doesn't mean anything to Europeans. Why is it that they always feel their ways are best. Kindly get off your Euro-centric bandwagon and understand that Europeans do not have a monopoly on "truth" and "facts".

Way Way Up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

robert, you saying polar bears are endangered, your wrong, the polar bear being added to the endangered list was made by ppl that have no idea about polar bears, they are is enough numbers polar bears that there are more more polar bears being found starved to death because the younger, smaller bears can't compete with the more mature and much larger bears. and scars on a narwhal could and most likely made by polar bear hunting them though breathing holes in the ice.

i suggest that you, robert, should come to nunavut where i live, and experience our inuit culture first hand.

and as of the whales, they are being package and split within the whole territory of nunavut, all the ppl of nunavut will enjoy the harvest.

nanuq, qangi&iniq, nunavut

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for your comment Nanuq! It's always nice to hear from the Inuit, whose land this is, rather than from southern "experts". Qujannamiik!

Loved Rankin when I was there last year. I only wish I could have stayed longer than a weekend.

Simon said...

I'm more inclined to believe the World Conservation Union and the US Geological Survey (distinctly American, not "euro-centric") than I am an Inuit hunter. 500 endangered bears hunted every year, how stupid is that? And thats just the legal harvest.

Most of them are killed by Inuit that try and "preserve" their ancient culture with four wheel drives, snowmobiles, automatic weapons and processed American food. Seems a little hypocritical don't you think?

And yes, European and American whalers have a lot to answer for. That doesn't mean anyone, including the Inuit, have a right to make the situation worse.

As for that picture of you and the stuffed's just not clever is it?

Way Way Up said...

Well, the original post had to do with narwhal not polar bear. But anyway. I should add that it is not the mainstream conservation groups I take issue with but the lunatic fringe. I feel that groups such as the World Wildlife Fund do good work by the way. If you chose not to believe an Inuk hunter than I suppose that is your perogative.

There is a tag and quota system for the polar bear hunt so I can assure there are many regulations in place than some people would have you believe.

Further, Inuit do no have automatic weapons and there is much more to culture other than the tools people use. I hear people argue Inuit should modernize and then I hear the argument that by some that if they want all these "rights" they should hunt using bows and arrows. I wish people would make up their minds. There is much more to culture than tools. Beliefs, attitudes and traditional skills are also a part of culture if I'm not mistaken. Would Euro-Canadians all be expected to revert back to the days of horses and buggies?? I think not.

Megan said...

Darcy, you should change the polar bear picture to a shot of yourself without any clothes on. You could call it "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Read E-mails From PETA".

Way Way Up said...

LOL....if I handed out awards for "Funniest Comment to a Blog Post" this one would win hands down.

I think a self-portrait would scare all the wildlife away though. That plus its a wilting -31C outside at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Man, I don't read your blog for 10 days and you just get all kind of crazy messages. Pretty funny, the last time I wrote you was about seals, and I will just continue with narwhals (and polar bears...). Well, I have had the chance to be in your country the past 10 days partly to attend a conference in Quebec on climate change in Arctic. All of this couldn't just happen without talking about the 500 narwhals. And for once, scientists and Inuit present at the conference agreed, nothing could be done.
I encourage Robert to read some more about the Inuit culture itself, just to get a point of view a bit more objective and also maybe some more scientific litterature where facts about polar bear have theorically been written without any filter.
Enjoy your book on Wildlife in the Arctic, not Robert, the "other guy" with the stuffed polar bear... :)

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Aurora....what always amazes me is the number of silly comments I've gotten on this issue from people who think they are some sort of expert. I have to admit to being a tad jealous. I've lived in the North almost 10 years and don't have it figured out as much as these people seem to have it.


KOTN said...

Fact: When I did my story about Watson, I used the phrase "He compared Inuit hunters unfavourably to Nazis."

Fact: When I called him Captain, I used finger quotes.

Fact: Narwhal tastes good.