Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

I was able to get to the health centre this morning and an x-ray confirmed what I had suspected - no broken bones, just a sprain with some swelling. My hand is actually in pretty good shape and although I wore my splint to work as a precaution, I'm confident I won't be needing it after a couple more days. I did have a close call this morning as I managed to slip on a newly-mopped floor outside my class. I came crashing down on my posterior. For the story on how the water got there in the first place, read up on it here.

Luckily my splint took the brunt of the impact. (I noticed a big crack in it when I took it off after getting home.) How I managed not to make my wrist even worse, I have no idea. Pure luck I suppose. So I went for an x-ray this morning shortly after my fall rather than wait until after work. Anyhow, hopefully I don't have any more mishaps before the holiday so I can enjoy a good Christmas dinner with two functioning hands. I don't have any major pain at the moment (Motrin works wonders) and I have to laugh at how silly I must have looked. My sadistic side actually wants to see the video tape of it since it was all caught on a nearby camera in the hall. I'm sure it would make for an interesting YouTube video.


Kennie said...

Come on Darcy ... it's not like you couldn't SEE the wet floor :-)