Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Northern Finalist

Several days ago, I mentioned the Canadian Blog Awards and my hopes of seeing at least one Northern blog make it into the Final 5. I had intended to follow up on it but a sports tournament and a few other things got in the way and my little project of organizing some sort of block vote amongst Northern bloggers was pushed to the back burner. However, I can now happily report that a Northern blog DID make it into the Final 5. Fawnahareo's Place, a blog from Yukon, finished in 3rd place in the "Best Family Blog" category. Go check out Northern Canada's contribution to the Canadian Blog Awards. Congrats Fawn!

Clare has recently announced the return of the Nunie Awards so more voting fun in the near future. Perhaps I will improve on last year's 3rd or 4th place finish. Time will tell.