Monday, December 22, 2008

I Take No Responsibility

The big joke every year when I visit my parents over the Christmas break is "You're welcome to come....just don't bring the weather with you." But I can't take responsibility for the wrath Mother Nature has unleashed across Southern Ontario the past few days. I've actually had it pretty good. No major delays on the way down. It was a bit slow going through Iqaluit ("Like a shopping mall on Christmas Eve," as one lady in the line behind me said) and Ottawa, where it took a couple hours to pick up my luggage. All in all, no big headaches. At least I didn't have to catch a connecting flight to Toronto like a few of my colleagues did. I overnighted in Ottawa and by the time my train reached Belleville, the skies had actually cleared up quite a bit. My hopes of catching one of my nephew's hockey games were, unfortunately, scrapped due to the foul conditions of the roads in many areas.

I bumped into quite a few people from around the territory on my flight down (Nunavut can be such a small place) and even a couple I had once worked with. Through them, I bumped into a fellow blogger on my sidebar (as I said, Nunavut - small place).

Getting back to the subject of weather, yesterday was actually the first time I had to wear my long underwear for the first time in many months. November is usually the month I break down and start wearing them but not this year for some reason. I must be getting used to Northern winters - finally. So months of winter in Nunavut no long undies. One day in Ontario, long underwear comes out. Go figure.


Jennith said...

Me and another teacher from Baker kept laughing at ourselves for complaining about the cold in Toronto..... its not really the cold though.. its the ruddy dampness.

Aida said...

merry christmas and happy holidays!