Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Delving Inside The Mind Of Paul Watson

When I received the copy of Paul Watson's editorial referenced in my previous post Tommy, from our local Hunters and Trappers Association, mentioned Watson also had had the gall to fire off some disgusting and incendiary emails to QIA (Qikiqtani Inuit Association - the regional Inuit organization.) Although I was curious at first to pursue it, I let the matter drop since I had not seen those emails. However, later this evening I received an email containing some of what Watson wrote. I re-produce it here not to give Watson exposure. He doesn't need it. I do it to give people a sense of the kind of garbage Inuit have to deal with on an almost daily basis from people who profess to be experts but who, in the end, really have no common sense, no clue about Northern realities or Inuit culture, and no human decency. (For a man who professes to be so pro-environment, the man seems to do a lot of travel, no doubt creating quite the carbon footprint.)
The thing about idiots like Watson is that they like to talk.....and talk and talk and talk. Eventually their thoughtless and insensitive rhetoric crosses a line. What follows is clear evidence of this. I really hope the media gets wind of this and that both QIA and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (the organization responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Nunavut Land Claim) sue this moron and his organization into the ground. The man has committed a hate crime here....and no amount of spin or fancy rhetoric can change that.

Read it at your peril.

[Terry Audla, the man referred to in this exchange by "Captain" Watson is the Executive Director of QIA if I am correct.]

Prepare yourself for comments such as “every man who pulled
a trigger on those whales is no different than the men who slaughtered the
defenseless people in the pit at My Lai, Vietnam.”

But first, a piece of hate e-mail received by QIA:

“Culture” is no excuse for unecessary murder. You’re not going to eat 500
[expletive] Narwhals. “Hunters.” Give me a [expletive] break. You people are
poachers. I hate you so much.”


Subject: Mr. Audla, this is my response.

A Conversation with the Narwhal Butchers

Terry Audla, the Executive Director of the Qikiqtani Inuit Association did
not like my commentary on the cruel slaughter of the Narwhals.

This is his response with my comments added where appropriate.

Terry Audla: A sad sad commentary. To say that “Inuit killers roared and
laughed barbarously as they inflicted torturous death upon these gentle
creatures” .points to the true ignorance of Inuit culture and our current
state of affairs as Canadian Inuit. This statement from an organization
that puts the plight of animals before the plight of its fellow world
citizens is the true definition of ignorance. Sad to see it being
perpetuated through a hazy rose-colored outlook of life on earth. Grow up
!! How it that what the Inuit are doing is any less humane than say a
pig/cow/chicken/lamb slaughter house!?!?!?! Cultural ignorance at its

Captain Paul Watson: Of course it is a sad commentary. The slaughter of
500 defenseless Narwhal that could have been saved but were butchered
instead is a very sad affair indeed. I would ask Mr. Audla to release
video of the slaughter to prove that the killers were not taking pleasure
in their sadistic kill. I have seen aboriginal kills in Siberia, Alaska,
the Faeroe Islands and off the coast of Washington and I have witnessed
the laughter and the amusement that the killers demonstrated. Mr. Audla,
you can of course prove me wrong by releasing the video of the slaughter
to the public. As for his accusation that we put the plight of the
Narwhals before the plight of humans, I must agree. We do. The Sea
Shepherd Conservation Society represents our clients -- the whales. And by
the way Mr. Audla, the Narwhal are “fellow world citizens.” We defend,
speak for, and work for the welfare and the survival of marine wildlife.
We are not a people organization although I should add that if we fail to
protect and conserve marine wildlife, it will diminish diversity in the
oceans and if the oceans die than all of humanity will perish, so
ironically we work more directly for the interests of humanity than most
anthropocentric organizations.

It is also true that I do not respect a culture that slaughters wildlife
to sell to the outside world in exchange for material benefits like
snowmobiles, rifles, television, appliances etc. There is no traditional
hunting for survival anymore -- there is only the capitulation of the
Inuit to the fur industry and as guides and bearers to rich white hunters
who are motivated out of perverse desires to kill large predators like the
polar bear. The Inuit want the materialistic benefits of the
industrialized society and they still want to slaughter wildlife.

I was on St. Lawrence Island in 1981 and saw the Yupik slaughter Walrus
with automatic weapons and it was a bloody massacre and I saw them
laughing as they killed those magnificent animals. So Mr. Audla, I am not
speaking out of ignorance. I witnessed enough atrocities and it is these
scenes that enrage me.

500 Narwhals Mr. Audla! You can’t eat them all. It is the long “unicorn”
tooth you want because that’s where the money is and you will be making a
great deal of money off this slaughter. Or do you deny this also?

And of course there is the expected comparison to the slaughter of
domestic animals. First, I don’t support the slaughter of domestic
animals. My ships are vegan vessels and we do not support the meat
industry, which by the way is a greater contributor to greenhouse gas
emissions than the auto industry. But there is no slaughter house in the
civilized world that would condone the shooting in the barrel approach of
this unspeakably inhumane killing of whales with rifles as they
desperately seek to escape from death as their family is torn apart around
them. This is a horrific way to die Mr. Audla and every man who pulled a
trigger on those whales is no different than the men who slaughtered the
defenseless people in the pit at My Lai, Vietnam. This is a crime against
nature and I have absolutely no apologies for condemning the butchers of
these whales.

I may not be politically correct but I choose to be ecologically correct
and the slaughter of so many endangered species cannot be justified in the
name of culture. I would rather be ignorant of such a culture than to be a
part of such an ignorant culture.

And don’t throw back the race card on me. I don’t discriminate when it
comes to humans. I oppose anyone of any colour, of any culture that
slaughters endangered species and especially when they do so in such an
unbelievably cruel manner.

Terry Audla: Within our Inuit culture we have always had the respect and
will continue to hold that respect towards the animals that feed us. We do
not want unnecessary suffering of the animals that we have always hunted
and will continue to uphold that belief! The narwhals being culled will
feed many families within the Eastern Arctic and just in time for
Christmas ! It is truly a time to celebrate ! Families not able to feed
themselves through store bought groceries (the most expensive in Canada)
will now be a little more at peace during the holidays now that there will
be food. Food given through nature’s own way of adjusting to those that
will benefit the most: natures own inhabitants who have always been close
to nature and are attuned more than most to their own surroundings. This
culling is the most humane and least form of suffering available to these
poor narwhals, outside of a miraculous melting of the ice. which by the
way we do have a bone to pick with the rest of you on a global scale. I
wonder how much more are trapped suffering and to eventually suffocate
away from the prying eyes of us humans?? Through this culling families
will now be fed for months to come showing that God does work in wondrous

Captain Paul Watson: Don’t give me that mealy mouthed tripe about respect.
What the men with the rifles did to those intelligent and gentle sentient
creatures was NOT respect by any stretch of the imagination. Justify it
any way you wish to appease your conscience but what occurred was not
respect -- it was a savage display of human arrogance.

The Canadian government could have broken those whales out of there. They
spend millions defending those barbaric Newfoundland and Magdalen Island
seal butchers. In truth I hold DFO responsible for this massacre. The
Inuit were merely the executioners but the responsibility lies with the
government of Canada.

I cannot believe however that you would actually use the word celebrate in
the context of defending this despicable slaughter. And as with all
killers, you justify the butchery by citing God as your guide and excuse.
Mr. Audla, there is no natural world anymore. We have destroyed it -- all
of us, there are no innocent humans. And don’t give me this “bone to
drivel about climate change. You participate in the destruction with your
snowmobiles, appliances, heating, rifles, aircraft and every other modern
convenience you use. You’re just as involved as the rest of us. I admit to
being a hypocrite because the entire human race is a hypocritical species.

Terry Audla: Merry Christmas to you and your families! May Peace & Harmony
be with you.

Captain Paul Watson: This Christmas, we will be defending whales from the
industrialized illegal slaughter by the Japanese whaling fleet. We won’t
be celebrating in a world where the non-humans have no peace and harmony
from the rapacious assaults by humanity.

Terry Audla: Enlighten yourselves.

Captain Paul Watson: We are always in the process of doing so Mr. Audla. I
suggest you do likewise.

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
(1977-Co-Founder -- The Greenpeace Foundation (1972) Co-Founder --
Greenpeace International (1979)
Director for Greenpeace (1972-1977)
Director of the Sierra Club USA (2003-2006)
Director of the Farley Mowat Institute
Working Partner with the Ecuadorian National Environmental Police and the
Galapagos National Park
Master of the M/Y Robert Hunter
Master of the M/Y Steve Irwin
Master of the M/Y Farley Mowat

“Sail forth -- steer for the deep waters only,
Reckless O soul, exploring, I with thee and thou with me,
For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go,
And we risk the ship, ourselves and all”
-- Walt Whitman


I deny nothing that is of my culture nor will you push me in that
direction. Your intolerance and incitement of hate is dangerous... world
wars were fought to end your kind of single-mindedness.


Dear Mr. Audla,

You accuse me of hate after perpetuating the vicious act of slaughter on
such gentle and intelligent creatures. That is absurd and you know it. I
don’t hate your culture, I despise your actions and the mass slaughter of
these whales is a despicable and obscene act. How many tusks did you
“harvest” from this massacre? How much money will you receive from selling
these bloody trophies of cruelty? You have not said a word about the real
reason you slew these Narwhals. You killed them for money and in doing so
you are no different than all the other human vultures in the world who
are tearing this planet apart for material gain.

I’m sure the slaughter was video taped. Release the images to prove me a

World wars were fought to end my kind of singlemindedness? Really? Name me
a world war that was fought to prevent people like myself from saving
wildlife? There was a war to stop madmen from slaughtering people but I
can’t recall a war that was fought to stop people from saving lives and
caring for the living Earth except for now, when the forces of greed are
literally destroying life on this planet at an unprecedented rate. No Mr.
Audla, no such war has ever been fought until now and it is quite obvious
who is on the side of life and who is on the side of death.

Your slaughter of these Narwhals is a crime against nature and ultimately
a crime against humanity. The killers of these whales pulled the triggers
and unleashed a horror against these gentle creatures that you refuse to
accept or imagine.

I have no intention of pushing you anywhere nor do I have any intention of
asking you to deny your culture. You are obviously a prisoner of your
culture as are we all.

I confess that I am intolerant of death, cruelty and slaughter and that
kind of intolerance comes from a deep love of nature and of life and that
Mr. Audla is the very opposite of hate.

I have no respect for such slaughter and there is nothing on this Earth
that can ever convince me that what was done to these whales can ever be

Those tusks will soon be adorning some rich [expletive]’s mantlepiece and the
money will be yours. But it will be blood money and it will represent
another piece of flesh hacked from the living body of the planet. At some
point we will soon take to much and it will collapse all around us and
being human we will look around and wonder how could this have happened?
And we will blame all the other creatures and each other and we will still
not see that it is our own greed and arrogance that has brought it about.

Enjoy the fruits of your slaughter and celebrate Christmas with the
justification that what was done was right. I see nothing to celebrate
this Christmas and nothing to be proud of in my species. I can only mourn
for the deaths of your victims.

All over the world, people rush to defend stranded dolphins and whales.
Yet when these sentient beings came to you -- you chose to kill them in
the most barbaric manner imaginable.

Call me what you will but accusing me of hatred is absurd. I don’t hate
any of the men who killed those whales. I pity them for their ignorance
and their brutality.

Captain Paul Watson

What a complete hypocrite! What he says is indeed very hateful. He accuses Inuit of growing rich off this cull in Pond Inlet but I wonder how much money this clown pulls in annually from all of his protesting activities. Why don't you release THAT information? I believe Watson's savings account is the one thing profiting the most from all this.


Megan said...

I think I'll write a bile-drenched post attacking something about Mr. Watson's culture. I'll just pick something at random. Maybe it'll be his annoying habit of calling himself a captain.

Or maybe I'll try to ignore him.

Yeah, that probably won't last long.

Way Way Up said...

I assume Watson is a "captain" in the same sense that Captain Crunch is a "captain".

Ferry Tales said...
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Meandering Michael said...

You gotta admire his vision: that we'll all be able to live forever, eating from endless fields of organic alfalfa and soy as we all hold flippers (and hands) and sing kumbya.

Paul Watson is a killer; a culture killer. And the unfortunate thing is that he's so narrow minded, he'd probably take that as a compliment.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Wow. Now I understand what had your blood pressure up last night!

Jessica said...

Wow. What an ignoramus. I just lost all respect for Paul Watson. I mean, ramming Japanese whaling ships in the Antarctic is one thing...maybe he should stay down there and not venture places containing cultures he doesn't understand.

Thanks for this, though. This is really great info.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent posting. Promote this to the national media in Canada. At face value, this unfairly promotes hate against Inuit culture. This is not acceptable. Shame Captain, shame.

In nature, tragedy happens. It is humanity that inflicts culturate ignorance and hate needlessly.

jen said...

oh Watson is just a lunatic, a well advertised lunatic. It's unfortunate that he has a mouth to speak with, but the world wouldn't be the same without it's crazies.

I also don't think there is any reasoning with him. At least the non lunatics understand that the cull is trying to make the best out of a grim situation. Feeding families or drowning whales.

Way Way Up said...

By his own admission, Watson is an ignorant man, full of bluster. The man is like a screaming child vying for national attention. There is so much in this exchange I could have jumped on but as my step-father once told me "Argue with an idiot and a passer-by won't be able to tell the difference." The beauty of Watson is that is so incredibly verbose, he proves his own ignorance for me.

Devon McDonald said...

I saw the Sea Shepherds Society's tax return for 2006. In the United States alone he filed 2 and a half million dollars. He made much more then that world wide.

Protesting the seal hunt made close to 300 million world wide last year.

So....the big money is to made protesting sealing, not the actual sealing itself.

Jake said...

Paul Watson said... "I would ask Mr. Audla to release video of the slaughter to prove that the killers were not taking pleasure in their sadistic kill."


Paul Watson said... "The Sea
Shepherd Conservation Society represents our clients -- the whales."

I would ask Paul Watson to release the contract that these whales signed making them, the whales, clients of the Sea
Shepherd Conservation Society.