Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Santa, Please Send This Guy Some Human Decency!

Here is a small sample of the kind of comments that DON'T normally make it onto my blog - and for good reason. More and more I've come to realize that these types of things speak more about the character of the person making them than the people they propose to denigrate. (I corrected all the spelling errors, because, obviously, this person needs all the help they can get.) You have to admire a person who adheres so strongly to their convictions that they lack the guts to even identify themselves.

Culture is about power - there is nothing inherently good about culture, although sometimes the idea is comforting. Some cultures allow their members to exert power over certain beings, while carefully drawing a distinction between those beings with power and those beings without power. The Nazi culture and tradition allows Aryan beings to exert power over non-Aryan intelligent beings, and even encourages the killing of non-Aryan intelligent beings. Apparently the Inuit culture and tradition encourages Inuit intelligent beings to kill non-human intelligent beings the same way.

Well, this one is easy. Yes, culture is about power (along with many other things too)...and apparently you feel that you, as part of your culture, have the power to dictate to other people how to live their lives. Thank you for recognizing this. Kinda ironic huh?

On your second point, however....Inuit kill wildlife like the Nazis killed non-Aryans? You're kidding me, right? I had no idea any intelligent person could possibly conflate the two in their "brain". Evidently, I assume too much of my fellow human beings. Inherent in Inuit culture is the idea that people are a part OF nature, not apart FROM it.

Funny that animal rights people (and I'll assume you are one since you make assumptions about me) tend not to draw distinctions between human and non-human life forms...just like the Nazis you speak of.

Killing of intelligent beings is killing of intelligent beings no matter how you cut it. If that is your culture, then embrace your culture - but at least have the decency to be honest about it: "Yes, our culture demands that we kill intelligent beings, and laugh about it, thank you very much."...Can you deny this truth of Inuit culture?

Indeed I can deny it for the reasons stated above. Your wording here is ignorant. Hunting and surviving on the land is no joke. Don't be an ignorant urbanite. Walking in the woods an hour outside a city is not wilderness and camping in a provincial or state park is not real camping.

At least Watson is extremely honest about where he stands. PS - I'm ugly and my mother dresses me funny. (Ok, I admit to taking a page out of the Paul Watson propaganda playbook, twisting the truth and adding that last sentence in.)

Hmm...I also have no doubt that Toronto Maple Leafs fans are honest in their belief that "next year" will be the year for their beloved blue and white. But that in itself doesn't make it reality.

Why is it that people like yourself, who often enough, have never been up here, assume they know all the answers. Indeed it was this very attitude that helped create a great deal of the mess that I see and deal with on a daily basis. Yeah, thanks. So please, spare me your "solutions". What is needed is respect for difference, concrete goals based on an understanding of Northern realities, a willingness to change your thinking and an appreciation of both the history and culture of this land, not blind hysteria, ignorance or hate speech. You have moved past commenting on the original issue of the narwhal because you are ignorant of stark Northern realities and moved on to attacked the people themselves. True class "sir".

Kindly don't refer to me as a Nazi. In fact, just do us all a big favour this holiday season and crawl back into the sewer from whence you came!


Jennith said...

Hey.... I think you should celebrate the resilience of the faith and hope of the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs - and not tie those ever loyal folks into some sort of jab at Paul Watson.... we are not generally involved in Narwhal hunting or making ridiculously uninformed comments about Inuit culture... we just subscribe to the idea that if you believe in something hard enough it will come to pass... compare this to what not believing in fairies did to Tinkerbell in Peter Pan.

Okay... Clearly PW is a full fledged nutter and can't stomach the concept that hunting is can be a part of any culture. He doesn't agree with farmed meat either. I suggest that you send him a copy of the song Carrot Juice is Murder by the Arrogant Worms and then maybe - he'll starve himself to death and win a Darwin Award in the process. Expecting something useful out of him might put you in the the same basket as us leaf fans.