Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Big Wind Down

Since I haven't done a post all weekend yet feel compelled to write something...

1. The semester is winding down fast. Only five more teaching days before exams start. I still(!) don't have my Christmas travel plans finalized but I'm working on it. I've spent a quiet day reading, doing some summer vacation planning and watching a couple episodes from the 'Band of Brothers' HBO series. So, yes, all in all, not exactly a productive day.

2. Speaking of my summer vacation plans, I haven't nailed down my next country although there is one I'm heavily favouring at the moment. And that would be Slovenia. Although I haven't ruled out Slovakia, Romania or the Baltic States quite yet. But its not like I'll be setting off tomorrow so I still have plenty of time to make up my mind before June 2009 rolls around.

3. I am taking a short hiatus from my coaching but plan to get back to it in the spring. I have the email for Nunavut Soccer so I plan to fire of an email to find out what the age divisions will be. Since next year will be Territorials rather than Regionals like it was this year, my guess is that the age divisions will be 14-and-under and 16-and-under, though I will double-check to confirm it. Anyhow, next year I'm hoping to start up a 13-and-under or 14-and-under girls team since it is one of the last divisions I haven't worked with that much. Funny thing is, I was only planning to coach soccer for a year or two but next year would be tournament number 5 for me. It can a lot of hard and sometimes thankless work at times but I do still enjoy it in the end.

4. My wrist is healing up nicely. There was one day last week where I didn't bother wearing my splint but I did have to wear it Friday after I aggravated it while stepping in between a couple young lads in my class. Of course I'm probably not doing myself any favours by trying to rush everything I do when I get frustrated having to do a few things with one functioning appendage. Patience grasshopper, patience. (I'm sure it was the pain that put me into the black mood that precipitated my rants of the past couple days.)

5. I should also mention a nice book I picked up while I was down in Iqaluit last weekend - 'A Complete Guide to Arctic Wildlife' by Richard Sale. I've been looking for a good guidebook for sometime now. It's nice to have, particularly in the Spring when I am outside more so I can comment more intelligently about the wildlife I see. The book also discusses the geology, climate, geography and ecology of the planet's arctic regions. So, while it does have a lot more science than I'm used to reading and I don't have a particularly strong scientific background, I find I can still follow it pretty closely. (My high school science teachers would be impressed.) At any rate, its a 400+ page hard-cover tome, which should keep me occupied for awhile.