Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Mark An "X"

Sometimes I just have to look at the entire US election system and laugh. Glaciers move faster than a US election. Really, what has it been? 2 years since Obama and McCain declared their candidacy? I'm not sure. It's been so long I've almost fallen asleep. And in the two year span we've had an federal election call, a campaign (mercifully 35 days long rather than 700-and-something) and a vote. We've also seen elections in Alberta and Nunavut in that span.

In Canada, we mark an "X" on a piece of paper, fold it and drop it in a box. Very high-tech I know. In the US they use some fancy ultra-tech. scanning machines - hopefully its better stuff than they used in the 2000 election. Honestly, a 4-page-long ballot? I've heard of developing nations with a smaller ballot. I'll admit I don't understand everything about the US electoral system but this seems a tad excessive. All this technology and I'm sure it will still take a good couple days to tabulate all the votes. How about a piece of paper, a pencil and a box?? Sure, its a very simplistic system, but it works.

I think the most shocking thing I've heard in recent days was a US survey in which 16% of Americans said they wouldn't vote for Obama simply because he's black! Sad sad sad.


Tracey said...

Only 16 percent said they wouldn't vote for Obama simply because he's black. That surprises me. I thought there would be more Americans than that. After all Bush was elected twice.

Jessica said...

C'mon now, give us a chance! We elected him after all, and he won by a landslide!! For the US, for all the haters and the old folks and confederate flags in this country, 16% is a pretty staggering number. We do have a much different history than you, and change takes a lot of time.

Also not all states have retarded scanners. New York uses old voting machines with levers and it is not complex in the least. So don't believe everything you see on TV!