Monday, November 03, 2008

Trying To Paint A Picture With Words

It won't be too much longer now until the sun doesn't rise high enough in the morning sky to clear the mountains to the south of us. This morning around 11am I noticed it, but just barely, through my classroom window. I meant to bring my camera in to work with me for a picture of the event. I don't have too many opportunities left to capture the sun before it disappears for a few weeks. Unfortunately, being Monday, I forgot to take my camera along with me. The sky displayed some fantastic shades of pink and purple and I missed it. Sure the air temperature can be a bit crisp in the morning if you're not used to it but the sunrises (or the light from the sun if it doesn't quite clear the horizon) can be a sight to behold. Hopefully tomorrow I remember and I get a decent picture. If the sun still manages to peek above the mountains it may be the last picture I take of the sun here until early February.

For the curious, the official sunrise time I have for this morning is (or was) 10:12am; and the sunset was 2:37pm. Yup that's right, I pretty much walk to and from work in the dark.

(I can appreciate that walking to wok and home in the dark might not be everyone's cup of tea but after 8 years of doing this for varying lengths of time I supposed I'm used to it.)

.....hey don't give me that funny look.....I think its cool. :)