Thursday, November 27, 2008

Time To Vote.....Again

In case you haven't heard, Round 1 voting for the Canadian Blog Awards ends this coming Saturday, November 29. I've been nominated in the categories of "Best Local Blog" and "Best Personal Blog" so thank you to whoever nominated me. I was planning to vote for my choices late Friday so I could see the result of my polls. As it turns out though, I will be traveling down to Iqaluit early tomorrow morning for a weekend soccer tournament so I partook in a little advance voting. It would be great to have your vote and if not, I might toss a snowball in your general direction but you're always welcome to stop by. (see Darcy: shameless pandering for votes) Fellow northern bloggers can use my poll results as a guide if people are interested in some sort of bloc voting for our fellow nominees. I enjoy our Northern blogs as an interesting read. They are part autobiographical, part educational and always informative and I'd love to see at least one make it to the second round (see Darcy: excessive vote panderer).

Good luck to all.