Tuesday, November 11, 2008


They wouldn't call themselves heroes. They are much too modest for that. But to me, they always will be.

To my grandfather, Sgt. Cliff Beamish, RCAF, who served in WWII, thank you. While I'm not a biological grandson, you always accepted me as your own and so it is with profound gratitude that I honour your service to our country.

To my high school chum Captain John Haylock, PPCLI, currently serving as part of Canada's mission to Afghanistan, thank you. Thank for dealing with the heat and dust storms of the desert and for taking time away from your young family to serve our country.

To a former student of mine, Pte. Damien Hocquard, currently serving in Afghanistan as well, thank you. Your selflessness teaches me now.

To my uncle Colonel Clark and my uncle Chris in the RCMP, both of whom took part in the UN-mandated stabilization force in the former Yugoslavia, thank you.

I am fortunate to know many heroes. Indeed, I am a lucky man.

To all men and women, regardless of colour or creed, who have chosen to wear our country's uniform and have gone into harm's way, THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

I was "Googling" my name and i found my name pop up on your blog, which catches my attention every now and then, Thanks for the mention!



Way Way Up said...

Anytime, Damien. It's the least I can do. Stay safe and thanks for the great job that you do.