Friday, November 14, 2008

Nunavut Has A New Premier

The territory's newly-elected MLA's held a leadership forum in Iqaluit to chose a new Premier and Cabinet. Under our consensus-style of government, all MLA's run as independents so the Premier position is not immediately known in the wake of an election. The political animal in me followed the speculation on who might get the Premier's job fairly closely, although obviously I can't come right out with it and say who I felt should get it on my blog here.

Three MLA's were vying for the position. There was lobbying, speeches etc.. MLA's then voted by secret ballot to elect a Premier. Up to this point, Nunavut has only had one Premier since its creation in 1999 - 2-term Paul Okalik. Today, a new chapter in the territory's political history begins as Eva Aariak,a former language commissioner and Nunavut's sole female MLA, takes over as Nunavut's second Premier. Ms. Aariak's first task was to select a group of MLA's who will serve as Cabinet Ministers. The remaining members function as an Opposition. So we now have an Executive. Specific Cabinet portfolios will be decided in the near future. And while I have plenty of guesses as to which Minister will get which portfolio, I'll just keep my hunches to myself.

And oh, as the CBC article also points out and as a few people here have told me, PREMIER Aariak is originally from.....Arctic Bay.

How cool is that?