Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's Put Things In Perspective Here

I'm not sure how much play the CBC story regarding the narwhal cull over in Pond Inlet is getting in the South. I can only read so much commentary (of increasing ignorance and hystericalness by the looks of things) before I start bleeding out of my ears. Perhaps a little perspective is in order.

10 000 casualties in the area of Long Point, Ontario alone? That seems like an awful lot. And this is only one small part of Ontario (and North America). People need to stop casting stones. It seems they should be focusing more on their driving habits instead.


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I enjoy reading yours - it's always interesting to hear how someone else's 'northern' experience is going!

Jessica said...

I can't really speak for people down here, and I certainly am no fan of PETA and am 100% cool with hunting/etc. everywhere, but just speaking of numbers 200 narwhals is a lot. Their population is only estimated at 20-25,000. We're talking about possibly 1% of the population! Not saying that anyone did this to them (obviously that was not the case), and people SHOULD make use of them if they are trapped, but a possible 1% of the population dying in the sea ice is a lot, esp in the north, where populations are in decline.

Way Way Up said...

I appreciate your comment Jessica, generally I get supportive comments on my blog. The intent of my posts was more of a "preemptive strike" against what I've been hearing and reading in the media. Most of the negative stuff I come across is usually verbal comments when I'm down South. Blogging usually helps me to clarify and organize my thoughts.

Its a tough situation no matter what decisions are made and my concern is that a way of life that has been carried on for centuries is not sullied by a misinformed few. Thanks for your comment. :)