Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'm A What?

Apparently, I'm a bourgeois. Yep, that's what I once labeled by someone. I have to admit using a foreign-sounding word to describe myself does seem kind of cool. How "soupe du jour" is that? But am I really, in the words of Marx Himself, a bourgeois?

Now, before the Commies got hold of the word it had an entirely different meaning. "Bourgeois" is derived from the Old French word "burgeis", meaning "medieval village", which in turn comes from the Latin word "burgus" (fortress). Since I'm fairly confident I have never lived in a medieval village or a fortress, (although I have visited my fair share in the past couple years), "bourgeois", doesn't really apply to me etymologically speaking.

Apparently, the term now refers to some sort of business person or upper class person, depending on your take on the word. Sorry, Mr. Marx, can't help you there. I've never owned a business (I always seemed to struggle with math as a kid 'cause I just didn't have that number line in front of me) and I'm hardly upper-class. Okay, I'll make a concession, meine Komrade. In the North I suppose I might be referred to as "upper class" based on my salary and the colonial history of this place. But drop me in most other places in Canada and I doubt I'd stand out so much. I suppose labeling people according to class, or race for that matter, is pretty meaningless. Really, its all relative.

Sorry to wreck your nice little theory Karl. The bourgeoisie did support revolutions - the French and American revolutions. The communists supported a revolution too once.....I think the place was Russia and...., oops, we all know how well that went over.