Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hungarian Highlights - Part 9 (Veszprem)

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Considering that the Habsburgs blew up Veszprem's castle and that most of its Medieval-era building are no more, the city still had plenty of sites to hold my attention. I should add that while finding the hotel I wanted was a bit tricky with the hills, narrow streets and alleyways, it was definitely worth the effort.

Castle Hill

Heroes' Gate - built in the '30's but using 15th-century stones.

Bishop's Palace

Remnants of the Dominican Convent of St. Catherine

The Gothic/Baroque/Neoclassical Firewatch Tower

Trinity Column in the foreground. I believe the structure behind is the Gisella Chapel. (Gisella was Hungary's first Queen.)

The Old Town was graced with many Baroque-era mansions, many of which are now museums or banks.