Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here's Another Story Of A Crazed Lady In A House Far Away...

...only this time, its not a Hungarian Countess but some crazy Republican supporter.

The thing that most surprised me was that it was FOX 2 Detroit reporting the story. I sure hope this lady eats the candy she refused to hand out to the children of Obama supporters. It sounds like she needs a little sugar. Lighten up lady!

...and I thought some of my old English teachers were scary!


canadianinclogs said...

Amazing at times isn't it...sad for the most part. Like a 5 year old has any idea about the election.. Ya lets punish them by not giving them candy... really you should give them candy so they can drive the parents nuts all night! Either way... at least the US got a decent leader!

Way Way Up said...

To me this story symbolizes what is wrong with the US, but in fairness, Obama's election symbolizes what is right with America.