Monday, November 24, 2008

Doors, Tournaments and Severed Heads

For a Monday, its been fairly uneventful. My front door is in the process of being replaced. Since Kendra has dubbed her old door a male, I'll call mine female. I'm not sure if I'll be able to top her story. (Although occasionally, I am known to write a little poetry.) Housing began work on it today (just the frame) so hopefully tomorrow my old door will be taken to wherever it is that retired doors go once they've outlived their usefulness. I believe our building is about 6 years old so with all the settling and shifting of the ground, my door and frame, while not nearly as bad as Kendra's, could use a little face lift.

I've had a few posts in mind lately on some Northern issues but they may have to wait until after I return from next weekend's soccer tournament in Iqaluit. Speaking of the tournament, I pretty much have all the grunt work out of the way for it. I love the competition and the gamesmanship though in the past I've probably put a little more (admittedly self-induced) stress on myself than was probably warranted. But we you consider that we are undertaking a 2400+ km round trip to play I'm sure I can be cut a little slack. I just want to make sure all the "T"'s are crossed and all the "I"'s are dotted.

And of course, go vote for your favorite blogs at the Canadian Blog Awards. I see I've forgotten to add a couple blogs I my poll so my apologies. One of these is a blog I've known about and read about for awhile now. Oops. As Townie is one of the Godfathers of the Nunavut blogging world, I can only hope I don't wake up to find a severed polar bear head in bed with me. Time will tell.

Congrats on your win last night Cole! 12-4-3 so far this season. Not too shabby!